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International (Preparatory) Faculty

For over 40 years of its existence the faculty has trained about 10 000 persons from 25 countries: Mongolia, China, Republic of Korea, India, Vietnam, Syria, Jordan, Mexico, Afganistan, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, the Philippines, Poland, the USA. Congo, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Japan, Yemen, Cambodia, Laos and others.

Dean of the International (Preparatory) Faculty
Address: office 316, 4th Zheleznodoroznhaya street, 664074 Irkutsk, Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (3952) 40-56-22.
E-mail: mpf@istu.edu

Dean's office

To applicants

Facilities of the Faculty ensure the high quality of the educational process for foreign citizens. Classes in physics, chemistry, biology, drawing, Russian language, computer science take place in specially equipped rooms. There is a library at the Faculty. Training is carried out by highly-qualified teaching staff from three departments; they are doctors, candidates of science, senior lecturers. Many of them have experince of working abroad: in China, republic of Korea, Mongolia, Japan and others. 

The Faculty comprises three departments:

news Academics and Teaching
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