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Vitalii Vladimirovich PESHKOV

Dr. Sc. in Economics, Professor

Department of Real Estate Expertise and Management , Department Head

Исполняющий обязанности директора института

Journal "Izvestiya vuzov. Investitsiyi. Stroyitelstvo. Nedvizhimost" ("Proceedings of Higher School. Investments. Building. Real estate"), Editor-in-chief


Ученый совет института, член совета

Academic Council, Member of the Academic Council

E-mail: pvv@istu.edu, expertiza@istu.edu, profkomr@istu.edu

V. Peshkov graduated from Irkutsk Politechnic Institute (IPI) with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering. After graduation he worked at the Department of Construction Operations of IPI as an assistant.

In December 1985, he entered a PhD program at Research, Development, Design and Engineering Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete of the State Committee for Construction (Moscow).

Vitaly Peshkov worked on his thesis in the laboratory for heavy-weight concrete under the supervision of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor L.A. Malinina. He took part in applied contract researches (Moscow, Surgut, Ukhta). In 1989, he earned a Candidate’s degree in 05.23.05 “Building Materials and Products (Engineering Sciences)”.  

In 2002, Vitaly Peshkov was elected a full member of the International Academy for Investments and Construction Industry (IAICI).

The real estate development in Russia caused the need for training experts in this field. In 2003, he initiated the creation of the Department of Real Estate Survey and Management.    

In 2006, Vitaly Peshkov earned a Doctor’s degree in Economics (“The methodological aspects of management of the economic potential for development in investment and building areas”). In 2007, he was awarded a title of Professor of the Department of Real Estate Survey and Management.

Professor Peshkov delivered lectures on Construction Management, Planning and Management in Civil Engineering, Real Estate Assessment, and Real Estate Value Management.

In October 2010, Vitaly Peshkov was appointed Vice Rector for Research. He was a deputy head of the dissertation committee 212.073.08. Since 2013 he has been heading the dissertation committee 212.073.08 “Economics and National Economy Management” (Innovation Management, Standardization and Product Quality Management). He supervised eight post-graduates students who defended their Candidate’s degree theses.

Professor Peshkov is the author of 103 research and educational works published in Russia and abroad.

He heads the expert panel of the All-Russian Scientific Program for the Youth “A Step in the Future. Siberia” and the expert panel of the Scientific Program “Evrika”.

Vitaly Peshkov managed different research programs, projects, including “Smart City. Economics and Management. New Approaches to Civil Engineering, Real Estate, Housing and Utility Management” as a part of the federal special purpose programs “Academic and Teaching Staff of Innovative Russia (2009-2013)”, “Development of Innovation Methods for Implementing Energy-Saving Materials and Technologies in Residential Development”, “State Procurement System Development for Construction Products”, “Performance Evaluation of Investment Projects”, etc.

Areas of expertise: Economics and Management in Civil Engineering and Real Estate Sector, including development potential, innovative development of investment and construction sectors, system’s analysis and simulation, resource economy.

Vitaly Peshkov has been a member of the gubernatorial coordination science board of Irkutsk oblast since 2013, a deputy editor-in-chief of the journal “Vestnik IRGTU” (Bulletin of Irkutsk State Technical University) since 2010, an editor-in-chief of the journal “Izvestiya vuzov. Investitsiyi. Stroyitelstvo. Nedvizhimost” since 2011, a member of the Russian Society of Civil Construction Engineers (RSCCE) since 2000, a member of the Russian Society of Appraisers since 2006, a head of Irkutsk Regional Department of the Professional Union of Estimation Engineers since 2006.

In 2004, Professor Peshkov was given a title of Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation. He was awarded the Irkutsk Governor Certificate of Merit (2010), the Certificate of Merit of the Coordination Centre of “Step in the Future” (2012) and other certificates of merit and letters of gratitude.

He was twice elected a member of the Public Chamber of Irkutsk oblast.