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ISTU creates a team, consists of students, to work out the project of a resident of Skolkovo "Wind Turbine of new generation"

22 April 2013 year//Innovations

ISTU students met with the technical director of the scientific and technical small business ZAO "Aeroenergotekh", a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute (ISTU), Yuriy Kriulin. He presented the innovative project "Wind Turbine of new generation" and made a proposal to form a team of students to create a test model and test facility for the project.

According to Yu. Kriulin, employees of the company “Aeroenergotekh" designed and built a wind power unit (WDPP) of closed type “AeroGreen”. The developers have proposed to use wind turbine in an alternative energy source instead of the traditional three-blade scheme. The operation of WDPP «AeroGreen» does not depend on the direction of the wind and weather (hail, rain and snow, hurricane), but the cost of 1 kW / h is two times lower in comparison with the known solutions in the wind industry. The project was examined and received the status of a resident of Skolkovo.

"Innovative project is in high demand by potential customers”, said the designer. “We would like to attract students of Irkutsk Technical University of different specialties to its detailed design. Students’ participation in the innovation project and its progress will give young researchers an idea about the areas that are in demand and receive support of Skolkovo. The architectures, chemists, electricians can take part in general work of. "

According to the developer, most of all modern wind power units in the world are made on the base of three-blade scheme that is sensitive to weather conditions. This complicates the construction of wind turbines that leads to a high cost of electricity. "The innovative technology, the base of which is the axial turbine of jet engine, can reduce the cost of energy produced by more than half. We can produce energy in any wind direction and wind speed (1-50 m / s) and adverse weather conditions. Our product is made of lightweight polymer materials, which can be the basis of solid waste (plastic packaging, containers, bottles, plastic bags, etc.). Wind turbine can be used as an alternative source of energy in vehicles as onboard power station, in private homes, enterprises, at the gas station for electric vehicles of various classes. The cost of wind turbines «AeroGreen» is commensurate with the cost of conventional wind turbines, but at the same usable area of exposed air it produces more electricity in two times," said about the features of innovative project Yu. Kriulin.

An experimental model of an aerodynamic turbine WDPP «AeroGreen» has successfully passed a set of tests in a large wind tunnel of A. Krylov State Research Center in St. Petersburg. The design is protected by several patents in Russia and former CIS countries, as well as in Europe, the U.S.A., India and China. The international patent application at the Eurasian Patent Office is executed due to the new process for the production of electricity using WDPP «AeroGreen». Wind Turbine «AeroGreen» passed field tests in a real wind load conditions on the shore of the lake Baikal in March 2012. Businessmen, individuals and financial group "Active capital", Ltd. software "Irkutsk Heavy Machinery Plant" helped to produce a pilot unit. It will be referred to the Technical University for Research and will be set on the roof of the ISTU Technopark.

The offer of "Aeroenergotekh" was commented by Pro-rector for innovative activity at Irkutsk Technical University, Mikhail Kornyakov: "We decided to step up the protection of integrated diplomas when students of different specialties are accomplishing one project. Our interests are in line with the proposal of a graduate who has a promising project, which became a resident of Skolkovo. Thus, we can combine students into one team to further develop a new direction in the wind industry. Technical University has many bright minds which can offer custom solutions. The creative approach is sure to enhance the project and will help to see a new side of it, and the students’ ideas will form the basis for student term and graduate papers. "

Director of Technopark, Alexey Zvezdin, also noticed that the project opens a great opportunity for students: "Perspective direction has identified: alternative energy sources, which are now in the process of development around the world. Such cooperation will promote the movement of student thinking in the search for new solutions and will motivate students to innovative entrepreneurship. We have recently started to work with scientific and technological innovative enterprises of ZAO "Aeroenergotekh". However, the idea suggested by our graduate is very promising. A creative team of inventors working on the same project like it happens in teams of major global brands will be created for the first time. "

The project "Wind Turbine of new generation" is interesting to the future electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, experts in the field of computer modeling, industrial design, builders and architects.

Nataliya Rozova

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