нет Ч/Б Цв.

PONOMAREV Boris Borisovich

Dr. Sc. in Engineering, Professor

Department of Social, Educational and Cultural Activity - Department Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering Production Technologies and Equipment - Professor

office: А-303
phone: +7 (3952) 40-50-20
e-mail: pusw@istu.edu, pusw@ex.istu.edu

In 1971 he graduated from Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute on the speciality "Aircraft construction". After graduation he worked at Irkutsk branch of the research institute of production technology and organization in different capacities from an engineer up to a senior researcher.

In 1980 he defended his candidate's dissertation on aircraft production technology; in 1982 he started to work at ISTU Department of Theoretical Mechanics in the capacity of an associate professor. From 1984 till 1994 he was a head of the Department of Robotics. In the period from 1986 till 1991 he was twice elected as a dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He has been working as a Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Affairs of ISTU for three years. He was one of those who established partner relations with the company Delcam plc. (Great Britain) in the field of training specialists with advanced knowledge of CAD/CAM technologies. He furthermore initiated the establishment of the training center of computer technologies, which is an interdepartmental laboratory of the Faculty of Technology and Computerization of Mechanical Engineering equipped with the latest hard- and software for design and production of parts with complicated surfaces. For many years he has been a research supervisor of the laboratory "Robotics and vibrotary technology". He furthermore supervised the project "Professional training of graduates of technical universities to automated design and technological activity".

In 1998 he underwent training in the central office of Delcal plc. in Birmingham and visited companies Denford and Boxford prodicung NC machine tools, laboratory and training equipment as well as Birmingham University and the University of Central England. In 2006 he studied the system of training mechanical engineers at Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), Vienna Technical University (Austria) and Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria).

In 2004 he defended his doctoral thesis "Strategy of three-axis milling of complicated surfaces by automated production". In 2005 he was awarded with the academic title of professor.

Main scientific studies of professor PONOMAREV lie in the field of the development of technologies for production of complicated parts at NC machines. Two his monographs deal with this topic. He was a supervisor of four postgraduate students three of whome have successfully defended their candidate dissertations.

He delivers lectures, practical and laboratory works in the field of mechanics of automated and manipulator devices for students of the specialties "Robots and robotic systems" and "Automation of technological processes and productions in mechanical engineering". He is the author of three handbooks in this subjects.

Boris PONOMAREV is an honored worker of Russian higher education.

Since his university times he goes in for downhill and water skiing. He also likes to travel by car and boat. But his main weakness taking the most part of his spare time is for bee-farming.