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30 September 2015

By the support of Irkutsk Aviation Plant INRTU has won the competition of Russian Ministry of Education and Science “New personnel of defense-industrial sector”

By the support of Irkutsk Aviation Plant, Branch of “Irkut” Corporation, INRTU has become the winner of the competition ”New personnel of defense-industrial sector” organized by Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The main aim of the competition is to strengthen personnel potential at enterprises of defense-industrial sector. The partnership of educational institutions and enterprises of defense industry contributes to the considerable increase of attractiveness of engineering career for young people throughout the country. It is planned to train 3 thousand senior students at 74 HEIs in 2015-2017. The state will spend 758 million rubles for specialists training and infrastructure projects realization. The rest of money will be provided by enterprises of defense-industrial sector.

INRTU suggested to train 51 senior students so that in two years they join the team of highly qualified engineers of Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The overall funding for 2015-2017 will be 4.3 million rubles; half of this money is a state subsidy while another half will be paid by Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The money will be spent for training of students as well as enhancement of professional skills of lecturers and events on carrier counselling.  

INRTU will train highly qualified specialists in three areas which are interesting to the Aviation Plant. 14 senior students will study the peculiarities of flow-line assembling with application of digital technologies. Associate professor of the Department of Aircraft Construction and Maintenance, technical director of the research laboratory of high-precision assembly and mounting of constructions Konstantin ODNOKURTSEV supervises this field.

13 students will undergo profound training in the field of automated preparation of production of sheet parts. This field is supervised by Andrey SHMAKOV, research director of the laboratory of progressive methods of formation by blank and forming production.

The majority of participating students (24 persons) will study the automation of industrial machining processes under scientific supervision of the head of the laboratory of research laboratory of high-productivity machining, forming and strengthening Andrey SAVILOV. 

Students will be taught by teaching staff of the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport who have real industrial experience as well as the experience of large scale projects realization at Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Educational modules were developed in accordance with industrial requirements. Students will use high-tech equipment of INRTU laboratories for better results.  

Let us remind that in 2014 our University became the winner of the same competition. 34 senior students were participants of the training program.

“New personnel of defense-industrial sector - 2015” is the continuation of the All-Russian competition on selection of educational programs and infrastructure projects. According to organizers, in 2014 they were quite successful in attracting young gifted students to be trained for defense-industrial sector. Around 43% of these students have only good and excellent marks.