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28 September 2015

INRTU master student suggests producing alcohol-free wine with adding taxifolin

Master student of INRTU Institute of Food Technology and Bioengineering, Director of the Company “Sibvin” Ltd Alena NEMCHINOVA became a winner of Baikal science slam held in Irkutsk on September 24, 2015. Alena NEMCHINOVA presented the technology of production of alcohol-free fruit wine with adding antioxidant derived from Siberian larch.

Format of a science slam differs from a conference or a start-up project presentation however it is also aimed at the popularization of science among citizens, particularly young ones. Within the science slam, scientists tell about the results of their research in an informal way.

”It is important to provoke interest of audience taking into account that many of them are not engaged in science. An ordinary presentation is not enough. So we have to use comic pictures, draw unusual analogies, - Alena NEMCHINOVA emphasized.
Master student NEMCHINOVA spoke about the production of a new product – alcohol-free wine. It is well-known that alcohol mania is one of thorny problems of society. According to Alena NEMCHINOVA, it is important to cultivate the culture of alcohol consumption as well as to offer an alternative like wine therapy.

Alena NEMCHINOVA keeps the secrets of production of such wine. She emphasizes that special technology allows completely removing alcohol within the process of production. She suggests using apples and fruit of honeysuckle, blueberry, strawberry or currant as raw materials, which are processed in crushing machines. Received pulp (cake with juice) is mixed with taxifolin (natural antioxidant, Siberian larch extract).

Alena NEMCHINOVA states that consumption of this wine stimulates decreasing sugar and cholesterol in blood, reduces the risk of oncology diseases, saturates human organism with pectin, vitamins and antioxidants.

Future wine-maker told that her presentation attracted interest of audience. Almost everyone was interested when it will be possible to buy this wine. Moreove, guests got the opportunity to degust samples of apple wine.

Alena NEMCHINOVA informs that INRTU based Company “Sibvin” Ltd is a rather young enterprise (it was registered less than a year ago) and expensive special equipment is needed for commercial production of wine. Nowadays the company specializes in implementing research and development in the field of natural sciences.

In addition, it should be noted that Head of Department of Laser Physics and Nanotechnologies of INRTU Institute of Physics and Engineering Denis BOGDANOVICH and Associate Professor of Department of Technology of Geological Prospecting Yury DAVYDENKO took part in the science slam. 

Denis BOGDANOVICH became a silver medalist of the science slam; he told about interdisciplinary approach to problem solving in fiber optics in an original manner. To explain the concept “interdisciplinary approach” the scientist used imagery of movie and animation famous superheroes such as Spiderman, Unicorn, Volverene, who combine several extraordinary. Denis BOGDANOVICH has furthermore unordinary started the story about the significance of optical fiber in modern life comparing it with a human blood-vascular system.

A bronze medalist Yury DAVYDENKO concentrated attention at prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits by geophysical equipment. The scientist compared the research results of expeditions on the territory of Irkutsk region with the activity of professional secret-service agent. Presentation by Yury DAVYDENKO made in the form of a breathtaking intelligence operation including stages of object development, observation and killing provoked a keen interest.

According to INRTU staff, participation in the science slam allows evaluating the abilities to appear in front of wide audience.

”I understood that I may well make this presentation for pupils at schools. It could be a perfect example of vocational guidance for rising generation. In addition, the events like the science slam could be held in INRTU Technopark”, - Yury DAVYDENKO emphasized.

Photo by participants of the science slam