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21 September 2015

Best practices of geological survey may be implemented at INRTU

INRTU will become the place for testing and application of the best world technologies and techniques for solution of underground exploratory tasks on the territory of Siberia and the Far East. It was announced by Yuri DAVYDENKO, associate professor of the Department of Technology of Geological Prospecting who summed up the results of all-Russian seminar on electromagnetic sounding which took place on September 14-19, 2015 at Small sea area on lake Baikal.   

The seminar attracted interest of scientists from Irkutsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Ulan-Ude and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Leading specialists from Canada, Italy, South Africa and Mongolia also took part in discussion of advanced technologies in the field of electromagnetic sounding.
According to Yu. DAVYDENKO, INRTU scientists were quite successful in making promising scientific contacts for joint solution of geophysical tasks connected with oil and mineral deposit exploration as well as engineering communications.  
“Together with Russian and foreign colleagues we implemented a series of field and demonstration works. In particular, employees of INRTU innovative enterprise “Quasigeoid” applied hard- and software complex “Mars”, measuring device “Vega”, multielectrode 16-channel electrical system “Skala 64” etc. 

This devices belong to our University thus we had an opportunity to demonstrate our colleagues from different Russian cities and other countries those opportunities opened up by use of state-of-the-art quality equipment. Those data we received during the works will be interpreted. And only afterwards we can speak about variants of further cooperation with leading world scientists”, - Yu. DAVYDENKO emphasized.

One of foreign guests of the seminar has become Valeria ZADOROZHNAIA, researcher from Council for Geosciences of South Africa. She moved from Russia to Africa 17 years ago, she strives to actively take part on different events on geological survey organized worldwide including Russia. She delivered a lecture on induced polarization of rocks as well as presented a set of electrical survey devices for geophysical researches “TEM-fast”. These devices were used along with the technology of induced polarization electromagnetic sounding developed by Yu. DAVYDENKO and his colleagues for search of hard-to-reach deposits.  

“I am the participant of all scientific conferences devoted to geological exploration on the territory of Russia starting from 1976. This time I came to Irkutsk and had a chance to tell about my investigation I have been conducting fro 10 year.  
I met a lot of colleagues here I have been communicating with for a long time. Yuri DAVYDENKO is one of them. I was very much interested to know devices and techniques he uses for earth sounding. For instance, Yuri DAVYDENKO and his colleagues measure signal in two directions – negative and positive; it is more prospective in terms of data interpretation. So far I know, no one in the world makes measurements in such a way. We conducted joint field researches. After received data processing we can talk about joint scientific paper publication”, - V. ZADOROZHNAIA told.  

Oleksandr INGEROV, leading specialist of the Canadian geophysical enterprise “Phoenix Geophysics LTD” made a presentation at the seminar. “Main objective of this event is to exchange scientific knowledge therefore I strived to share my developments in the field of geophysics. I presented the results of the work on exploration of gold-bearing lodes on Chukotka by Canadian businessmen. Another two reports told about the search of copper and nickel ores in Canada and hydrocarbonic raw materials in Uzbekistan with the use of the equipment of our company”, - told A. INGEROV.  

During the seminar work arrangements were reached between INRTU and diamond extracting company “ALROSA” on joint search of kimberlite deposits.