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16 September 2015
International INRTU

INRTU associate professor Konstantin SUSLOV presented the report on challenges in the energy sector at the international conference in Vienna

Associate professor of INRTU Institute of Power Engineering Konstantin SUSLOV became the participant of the colloquium of study committee C6 of the Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE CS C6) and international symposium on smart electric distribution systems and technologies. The event took place at Austria Institute of Technology (Vienna) and brought together 150 participants from 30 countries (Russia, Australia, USA, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Great Britain etc).

“Within the framework of the colloquium meeting of working groups took place, including the group on energy storage systems. During the meeting we discussed the participation in different projects on energy storage system in certain energy systems as well as edit the text of scientific research of the committee.

I have furthermore taken part in plenary session of the study committee of CIGRE “Systems of energy distribution and distributed generation” where reports of working groups were discussed, areas of further activity as well as place and dates of next meetings were determined.

Except it, I presented two reports at the International symposium on smart electric distribution systems and technologies. The first report deals with the power consumption control systems in isolated energy systems. The second one told about new methodology of improvement of energy quality in networks. This methodology was developed at INRTU; its main advantage is in use of already existing infrastructure for electric energy quality improvement”, - told Dr. SUSLOV.  

Let us remind that Dr. SUSLOV is an expert in the fields he presented in Vienna. His activities successfully developed mainly thanks to the project “Smart grid for the energy efficient power system of the future” (“Baikal”- project). This project was realized in cooperation with Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberia Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences within the framework of the Russian Government Resolution # 220 “On measures of attracting leading scientists to Russian educational institutions of higher professional education”.

The reports of K. SUSLOV draw attention of the scientific community; discussion of one of it has even exceeded the time limit and continued during the informal part of the meeting: “Russian experts do not often take part in the work of such conferences and colloquia. But energy sector in Russia tremendously develops and Russian specialists are considered to be one of the best in the world. Russian energy sector is very interesting for foreign colleagues therefore they very attentively listen to any report on this topic. I am very pleased with the attention paid to my work by international colleagues. Within the framework of the conference I was lucky to communicate with colleagues from the Netherlands, the USA, Germany and Greece; we have furthermore planned several joint projects on hybrid installations for realization”.  

K. SUSLOV told about his plans to hold a competition of graduate works of bachelor students in the nearest future. The All-Russian competition is held under the auspice of youth section of Russian national committee of CIGRE: “We will select 5 best works of students and send them to the jury composed of the staff of Federal network company and independent experts. They will sum up the results of the competition in Moscow with the participation of the Minister of Energetics of Russia. We do hope that works of our students will be appreciated”.

By Alexander BOGACHEV