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10 September 2015

Distant e-learning course on electronic business was launched at INRTU Technopark

Distant e-learning course “Electronic policy. Global electronic business. Models and strategies” was launched at INRTU Technopark. The group of participants is composed of 15 INRTU postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Educational programme is the second stage of implementation of the large international e-learning project financed by Кorea Foundation. Inha University (the Republic of Korea), INRTU and International University of Information Technologies (the Republic of Kazakhstan) take part in the project.

Associate Professor of INRTU Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology and the supervisor of the programme Andrey TRUFANOV noted that the series of lectures and seminars on e-business will be delivered to the group of students during 15 weeks. Students will learn networks management strategies. The course emphasizes the difference between e-business and e-commerce. The students will also learn web marketing strategies with regard to procedural approaches.

”Young people will learn how to support trade and business development with up-to-date information and communication technologies. In addition they will learn to apply business not only for trade relations improvement but also for social values generation.

I believe that it will be useful for our students to adopt the practices of the South Korea which holds a leading position in implementation of e-technologies”, - Andrey TRUFANOV informed.

Associate Professor TRUFANOV also noted that the quantity of persons interested in joining the project considerably increased this time. Main participants of the first part of the project were future programmers while now students from different UNRTU institutes take part in e-courses (Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport, Institute of Architecture and Construction, Institute of Cybernetics named after E.A. POPOV, Institute of Mineral Resource Management and Processing and Institute of Power Engineering).

Inha University Professor CHOI delivers lectures on-line. Working language of the project is English that’s why the proficiency in the English language became the main criterion of programme participants selction.

“Professor CHOI made his PhD in the United States of America; this fact is the evidence of his excellent English language knowledge. Thus, the course participants not only have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the nuances of e-business, but also get a great chance to practice a foreign language”, - Andrey TRUFANOV emphasized.

Participants of the project will need their good foreign language knowledge after the end of the course as well. The best two students will get a chance to undergo short-term internship in the Republic of Korea. It will be recalled that this summer an alumnus of Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport Anastasia PODDUEVA underwent the internship within the framework of Inha University Summer School – 2015 according to the results of the pilot project “E-Government of the Republic of Korea. Strategy”.

Postgraduate student of INRTU Institute of Mineral Resource Management and Processing Kseniia VLASOVA expressed an interest to the course. According to Kseniia VLASOVA the course “Electronic policy. Global electronic business. Models and strategies” allows getting to the back of Internet trading, broadening the knowledge in e-business: “First of all the fact that the course is delivered in English provoked my interest. I studied advanced course of English a few years ago and now have a chance to brush up on my knowledge.

I consider the topic of the lectures to be quite urgent nowadays. Purchasing, selling and other financial operations as well as communication processes often run on-line. I would like to study inherent mechanisms of this process. Professor CHOI popularly tells what kind of technical support is needed for e-business”.

International e-learning project will be continued till 2018 within the framework of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which was signed by INRTU and Inha University, one of the leading HEIs of the Republic of Korea in 2013. The MOU provides for mutual cooperation in the sphere of higher education and research.