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19 August 2015
International INRTU

INRTU future architects underwent summer internship in Germany, Austria and France

10 students of INRTU Institute of Architecture and Construction visited Germany, Austria and France within the period of summer internship. During 18 days future architects visited largest European universities, museums, parks and libraries.

According to information of the participants of internship the target of practical training was to have a familiarity with planning of historical centers of ancient cities of Europe and adopt practices on implementation of up-to-date technologies in the field of architecture and construction.

The future architects visited Austria first. As INRTU student Natalia KRIVONOS noted that the students paid a scrupulous attention to studying the Ring Road (German: Ringstraße) in Vienna. It is a name of a circular boulevard in historical center of the capital, where general attractions such as Rathaus, Boerse, Vienna State Opera and many architectural constructions and monuments are concentrated.

”We plan to publish a booklet on the basis of collected photos and information about Vienna Ring. We divided our group of 10 students to micro groups; each micro group describes partial streets of this unique and picturesque district. We hope, that the booklet will be a good gift to 150 Anniversary of Ringstraße”, - explained Natalia KRIVONOS.

In addition students visited workshops of Technical University of Vienna (Technische Universität Wien). “We had the good fortune to observe how students study and carry out projects. They apply state-of-the-art technologies, their workshops are equipped by special engineering tools for modeling. Ecological wooden materials are used in interior trim of workshops”. – INRTU student Olga POPOVA informed.

INRTU students made a one-day city sightseeing tour to Salzburg within the visit of Austria.

Next stop-off points were German ancient cities Stuttgart and Munich. According to Maria RESHETNIK, INRTU students seriously prepared for a visit to Stuttgart: “We brought our course papers to Technical University of Stuttgart to participate in the architectural exhibition. In the short run we will receive judgments on our participation in the exhibition from the administration of TU Stuttgart. I consider that we will be able to get international objective evaluation of our work, skills and creativity.

Next to the university the College of Applied Arts is situated, where we learned about the peculiarities of training system of secondary professional education. The university tour was in the German language; a scientific supervisor, INRTU professor Valerii KOZLOV helped us with translation. Previously, he visited Europe several times, so he is quite familiar with its geography, architecture, customs and way of life. The professor always accompanied us and supported. We express our sincere gratitude to him and appreciation for his responsible attitude to work."

According to Ekaterina GLADKOVA and Daria SABIROVA, one of the brightest impressions was visiting museums, art galleries and libraries.

”The Museums of famous automobile brands Porsche and Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart impress by their architectural planning at first sight. One building with helical profile is the sample of surrealism. The other building has brutal monolithic view. The BMW museum in Munich left unforgettable impressions as well as the library in Stuttgart surprised us by its proportion "- students shared their memories.

The group of INRTU students spent the final part of the practice in Strasbourg, France, where they were walking down the central part of the city and got acquainted with the local architecture.

Students recount that they got to know a lot of interesting things on up-to-date planning of residential buildings. New districts of European cities considerably differ from Russian traditional frame-and-panel buildings and amaze by configuration variety and handy layout. In addition, big expansions are allocated for landscape gardening. ”The city is favorable for walking. Europeans reject using individual transport in favor of public transport that fact also has an influence on environment and relieves traffic”, - Natalia KRIVONOS shared her impressions.

Overseas educational internships are annual events thanks to partnership of INRTU Institute of Architecture and Construction and European leading universities. Within a few years INRTU students succeeded in visiting Germany, Austria, France, Scandinavia and Italy.