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23 March 2015

In 2014 more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students of INRTU Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport took part in paid R&D activities

In 2014 the total amount of R&D works at the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport was 71551,7 thousand rubles. The major financing comes from the project “Automation and efficiency increase by production and preproduction of new generation aircraft at JSC “Irkut” Corporation with scientific support of ISTU” (RF Government Resolution # 218). The amount of financing till the end of 2015 is 440,7 million rubles.

In 2014 staff of the Institute published 250 papers including 117 ones in journals from the list of Russian Higher Attestation Commission and 30 papers in journals listed in Web of Science and Scopus databases. The most active publication activity took place at three departments, and namely: Aircraft Construction and Maintenance, Technology of Mechanical Engineering and Transport Management and Logistics.  

More than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport were involved into paid R&D activities at the Institute laboratories equipped with the most state-of-the-art equipment.

The overall amount of research diploma projects made by students in 2014 exceeds target figures by 31% and went 8% up on 2013. It is to mention that research diploma projects are the bases for future master and candidate degree theses. Well-organized research process at the Institute resulted in a high number of defended PhD these, i.e. 9 were defended in 2014.    

Institute administration considered the most significant events of the previous year to be the one when the University became the partner of the Regional Government, United Aircraft Corporation, “Irkut” Corporation and Federal Center for Project Finance in the establishment of a machine building cluster. The agreement signed between INRTU and Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev is also important. Thanks to advanced educational courses developed at the Institute the University became the winner in the competition of Russian ministry of education and Science “New cadres for defense-industrial sector”. Institute staff took part in the International forum of aerospace universities within the framework of ILA BerlinAirShow 2014 as well as National exhibition “VUZPROMEXPO-2014”.

The development “Electric modular furnace for vermiculite burning” was the best in the competition of innovative projects. Institute staff won third place in the competition “Innovations in mechanical engineering” that took place in Rostov-on-Don on September 10-12, 2014.

The level of training of students at the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport was highly evaluated by the aviation company “TRANSAERO”.  

The Institute organized the holding of the following significant events: the fourth All-Russian scientific and technical conference “Aircraft construction and transport of Siberia”, international scientific and practical conference “Transport service of Russian cities – perspectives of urban and transport planning of Irkutsk city” and others.  

According to the Institute administration, the implementation of the large-scale project on Government Resolution # 218 (cooperation of HEIs and industry) will be continued in 2015. They also plan further promotion of student projects in order to commercialize them and transform into small enterprises. The Institute administration also sets tasks aimed at increase of publication activity of students and staff.