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13 February 2015
International INRTU

Representatives of German mechanical engineering company Dürr Systems GmbH highly appreciated the level of training of specialists at ISTU

Representatives of Dürr Systems GmbH, a leading German company in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial equipment visited ISTU. Dürr Systems GmbH performs a contract with Irkut Corporation for delivery of the processing line complex for production of the MC-21 aircraft. Now the installation of the complex of automated assembly stations is carried out at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

Associate professors of ISTU Department of Aircraft Construction and Maintenance Alexey GOVORKOV and Konstantin ODNOKURTSEV underwent a training course at the company Dürr Systems GmbH in 2014. They studied the organization of assembling lines, new methods of units’ assembly and their positions by joining. ISTU staff will use gained knowledge and skills by training students of the specialty “Aircraft and Helicopter Construction”. The majority of graduates of this specialty work at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

Christian MITTELHAMMER is the chief manager of the project MC-21. Nihat BIYIKLIOGLU is the head of the Department of Aircraft Technology Development. They emphasized that ISTU staff has shown a high level of knowledge and great interest to new developments during their training in Germany.

Dürr Systems GmbH representatives visited ISTU research laboratory “Modeling of products and manufacturing processes in aircraft construction”. Research supervisor of the laboratory Alexey GOVORKOV told about its uniqueness. The laboratory is equipped with software complexes NX, FemapwithNX and Temancenter (SiemensPLMSoftware) which allow carrying out works on planning, reverse engineering, monitoring of the production during the whole life-cycle.

Director of the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport Rashid AKHATOV said: “We show modern assembly technologies to our students, study digital assembly, try to solve industrial problems of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. All new technologies are tested at ISTU and thereafter they are introduced into production process. This fact is of great importance for the Plant, because equipment and workers are not distracted from the production process. Almost all our graduates work at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.”

German specialists were interested in the research works carried out at the University in the area of composite materials processing. Such experiments are very topical because of growing use of composite materials and titanium alloys.

The guests visited experimental ground of robotics technologies in aircraft industry. According to ISTU master student Dmitriy PAIKIN a technology of final treatment of edges of aluminum details is being perfected at ISTU. Now the edges are treated manually after milling. ISTU staff is working out optimal conditions of milling and design a program module for choosing the optimal cutterpath with the use of the unique robot system KUKA.

Head of the Dürr Systems GmbH Department of Aircraft Technology Development Nihat BIYIKLIOGLU believes that equipment for machining process of the University meets the highest European standards: “It’s impossible to imagine something better now. You are solving actual problems for example rough surface of edges of details. All producers are busy with this problem now.  It is very good that there is collaboration between universities and business in Russia as in Europe. The important projects are supported by the state. The join work of scientists and producers has always good results because it is aimed at the particular technology. We are interested in the further collaboration with ISTU and Irkutsk Aviation Plant not only in the sphere of modernization of positionable systems of assembly stations. I suggest examining the area of rivet joint hermetization. This problem is especially topical by riveting details of composite materials”.

Director of the Institute of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport Rashid AKHATOV emphasized that the University is open for collaboration in the sphere of science and technologies. N. BIYIKLIOGLU said: “Development of cooperation has always prospects. Not politic but people do work”.