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12 December 2014
International INRTU

Professors and students of two Chinese Universities visited ISTU

The meeting of the delegation of the Education Department of Hainan province (China), Hainan University and Hainan Normal University with the representatives of Irkutsk State Technical University was held at ISTU Department for International Cooperation. 35 Chinese students and 9 professors visited Irkutsk in the framework of the year of youth exchange between Russia and China.

Guests were welcomed by Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Affairs Boris PONOMAREV, Dean of the International (Preparatory) Faculty Vitaliy EFREMOV, Director of Institute of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Olga IGNATYEVA, Head of Culture and Educational Work Center Tatyana DASHKO, Head of ISTU Department of Art History Vladislav ESIPOV and leader of the singing group “Sing, friend” Galina GILENOVA.

B. PONOMAREV told Chinese colleagues about Irkutsk State Technical University. He emphasized that it is reckoned among the top twenty Russian universities; it is furthermore one of the 29 National Research universities of Russia. More than 4 000 students are the residents of the University campus. They do sports and creative work. Student can choose among 39 sport groups, 45 research societies and 27 creative teams. Vice-Rector said that the University has been training specialists for foreign countries since 1961. More than 10 000 foreign citizens graduated from the University. 1 200 students from 27 countries study at ISTU now including 153 citizens of China.

The Head of the Delegation, representative of the Education Department of Hainan province Mr. Zheng Wanfa thanked for hearty welcome and told about universities of the province. Professors and students of Chinese universities visit institutions of higher education in Russia. They came to Irkutsk from Saint-Petersburg.

“Hainan province lies almost on the equator that’s why it’s very hot by us. But today we have experienced a real Siberian winter. Hainan University is one of the oldest. At the University there are many foreign students including about 150 Russian citizens. 1 500 highly experienced professors work there. More than 40 000 students study philosophy, economic, law, literature, nature science, agriculture, engineering and management. The University consists of 20 colleges and carries out training in 70 bachelor, 77 master and 12 postgraduate programs. Hainan Normal University is also one of the most famous in China. It comprises 15 faculties and 18 research institutes. Hainan Normal University is a licensed center for training Chinese language teachers; it also teaches Chinese language to foreign students. There are 18 universities on the island, including 13 technical ones“- Mr. Zheng Wanfa said.

Mr. Zheng Wanfa hoped that professors and students of ISTU will return visit to the island. He emphasized that there are many opportunities of collaboration not only in educational but also in creative sphere. V. EFREMOV also said that Chinese and Irkutsk colleagues have many joint interests.

The guests visited the Mineralogical Museum of ISTU and research laboratories of Technopark, where they learned innovative developments of ISTU scientists.