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5 November 2014
International INRTU

Five ISTU master’s programs have successfully passed the auditing

The examination team of Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER) finished its work at the University at the end of October. The experts recommended awarding the EUR-ACE® Label to ISTU master’s programs.

The examination team carried out the auditing of five master’s programs of the University: “Optimization of developing power-supply systems”, “Energy efficiency, audit and department management” (direction of electrical power engineering); “Environmental safety”, “Waste management” (direction of technosphere safety); “Logistical management and road safety” (direction of technology of transportation processes).

The self-study of the master’s programs had been done before the visit of the examination team. During the auditing the experts visited the University, respective ISTU departments where master’s programs are being realized , research and training laboratories and library. According to Nikolay KONOVALOV the signed Audit Memorandum is the result of a great work. It is to mention that the above mentioned master’s programs had been selected among other programs of the University on the competitive basis. “During the year we had been working with Association for Engineering Education of Russia to submit self-study reports, to identify strengths and weaknesses of the programs. The competent examination team analyzed all the documents, met with institute directors, heads of departments and students. Expert’s recommendations will promote the further development of the educational process at our University”, - said N. KONOVALOV.

Larisa CHECHETKINA, head of the Office for International Students and Scholars emphasized that the accreditation criteria and procedure had been developed with consideration for world experience in engineering education quality evaluation. “They meet requirements set up by accreditation systems of Washington Accord signatories, European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and All-European system for accreditation of engineering education (ENAE). The Association has right to award the EUR-ACE® Label (EURopean Accreditation of Engineering Education). The accredited program is placed to the ENAEE, All-European system for accreditation of engineering education and Washington Accord signatories register”, - said L. CHECHETKINA.

Representatives of leading Russian institutes of higher education were members of the examination team. The head was professor of National Research University of Electronic Technology Nikolay LARIONOV. The expert noted that the University had provided all documents in time. The documents were drawn according to the international standards. The educational programs were awarded with the auditing certificates.

The examination team appreciated close links between educational programs and businesses and employers. It furthermore paid attention to the unique equipment of research laboratories bought exactly for these programs. Experts thanked the supervisors of the programs, staff of the Office for International Students and Scholars and the Office of Quality Management for good organization of examination team’s work.

The experts recommended improving students’ foreign language training for their more efficient scientific work at international level and increasing batch circuit design methods.

The director of the Institute of Power Engineering Vadim FEDCHISHIN said: “University master programs in power engineering belong to the priority development areas of Russian science and technology. Our University traditionally trains specialists who work at power engineering enterprises of not only our region, but the whole country. The program “Optimization of developing power-supply systems” is especially topical for distant places, where it’s necessary to solve power-supply problems”.

Assistant head of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering Department of ISTU Konstantin SUSLOV noted that both master’s programs taught at the Institute of Power Engineering are at the cutting edge of science. It is a result of fruitful research work, including cooperation with leading international universities such as Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland), Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany) etc. “It is a first time when five master programs are audited by such a competent accreditation center. The accreditation of our master’s programs will promote academic mobility of students as well as successful integration to international scientific and educational space”, - explained K. SUSLOV.

Elena ZELINSKAJA, professor of the Department of Mineral Processing and Engineering Ecology also believes that signing of the Audit Memorandum is a very important event for the University: “Professors of the Institute of Mineral Resource Management and Processing cooperate with colleagues of Technical University of Dresden, Leibnitz University of Hannover (Germany), Denmark Technical University in Copenhagen, Technical University of Crete (Greece), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Austria). The international accreditation enhances the prestige of our educational programs and gives our graduates opportunity to be placed in the European engineers’ database.”

The experts of the examination team gave a tentative conclusion about the programs’ compliance with international standards. The experts recommended awarding the EUR-ACE® Label for five years. Now the University is waiting for the decision of the Accreditation Board of AEER. The accreditation certificate signed by the President of AEER and All-European System for Accreditation of Engineering Education will be sent to the University as soon as the decision is approved by the AEER Board of Directors.

By Natalia ROZOVA