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27 August 2013

The seminar held in ISTU presents new software to help surveyors and designers

Seminar «GeoSolutilon - implementation of complex automation projects on the platform Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D + GS.Series C3D» was held in ISTU. The event was organized by Scientific and educational center Autodesk ISTU, GC "NEOLANT", and ZAO "Company POINT". The seminar is held by an initiative of the Irkutsk branch of GC "NEOLANT." The group of companies "NEOLANT" is a developer of innovative solutions and provider of engineering and IT-services. Participants of the seminar are experts of "Irkutskgiprodornii", Ltd. "Angarskneftekhimproekt", ANHK, Ltd. "Irkutsk Promstroyproekt", Ltd. "Roszheldorproect", LLC "IrkutskEnergoProekt" etc.

Commercial director of GeoSolution in ZAO "Company POINT", Galina Emel’yanova, took a floor at the seminar in ITU. She explained, “GeoSolution is a comprehensive solution for the survey and design, combining original decision GS.Series C3D from the Russian company "Company POINT" with the well-known decision of the AutoCAD Civil 3D from the company Autodesk”. Experts have told about the technology work in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 and GS.Series C3D and held a demonstration of technical capabilities of new software products.

Lead Engineer - Consultant of the Department of GeoSolution in ZAO "Company POINT", Ekaterina Rybakova, told about GS.Series C3D (profile and tracks, creation of intersections with existing linear facilities, water barriers, rolls on the track). The specialist informed about the possibilities of the software to create a database of geological wells, well locations on the plan. E. Rybakova paid attention to style image on the plan and profile, the construction of the cuts on the longitudinal profiles and sites.

According to the company representatives, in the framework of promotion of the service GeoSolution trips to various regions of the Russian Federation were planned. Irkutsk is the most prepared for the implementation of complex projects.

The head of the Scientific and educational center Autodesk ISTU Sergey Osipov reported that the university is a long-standing partner of Autodesk, and is able to use its software as an educational organization. "Autodesk and Irkutsk State Technical University signed a cooperation agreement on strategic partnership in the field of education, according to which ISTU has the right to use a number of free licenses to carry out teaching and research activities. In addition, Technical University has purchased several commercial software packages, including AutoCAD Civil 3D,” said the expert.

The presented software is a vertical solution on the AutoCAD platform for the design of infrastructure based on information modeling. The product is widely used for the design of roads, railways, pipelines and land management activities, budget preparation and project documentation. AutoCAD Civil 3D helps to optimize the work on the project with such features as geospatial analysis for the choice of a suitable building site, the analysis of storm drains to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, as well as 3D visualization for understanding the impact of the project on the environment.

Commercial Director of GeoSolutilon ZAO POINT Galina Emel’yanova said, "We present the software that will be a reliable tool for surveyors and designers. Professionals, working in the design institutes, often take a lot of routine operations. Our software products provide the ability to do it much faster, better and easier. It makes much easier the work of prospectors and designers".

According to G. Emel’yanova , GeoSolution is organized in "POINT" on the base of the wishes of the people who plan to use or have used the software AutoCAD Civil 3D along with software developed by the specialists of the company.

Commercial Director of the department GeoSolutilon in ZAO POINT thanked the Technical University for its assistance in organizing the seminar, the company "NEOLANT Infoling" for organization of the event and the participants for a warm atmosphere, activity and keen interest in the topic.

As the head of computer-aided manufacturing group of the company Ltd. "Irkutskgiprodornii" Leonid Yakushko the institute has seven production departments responsible for different cycles of works from research to construction. Each department solves its problems by using different software products. "We would like to unite all of the applications in a single line, and Autodesk products allow it. Therefore, we decided not investing money in buying the software, but put them in the implementation and development of these technologies."