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27 August 2013
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Studio of ethnic percussion "Etnobit" at ISTU performed at the festival "Baikal-live 2013"

Musicians of the studio of ethnic percussion "Etnobit" became participants of the seventh art festival "Baikal-live 2013" which was held on August23 - 25 in the area of the Maloe more. Traditional pre-autumn open-air festival brought together over a hundred performers of various musical genres: art song, ethnic instruments, rock and roll, instrumental music, etc. The number of participants has dramatically risen this year; over 500 fans came out of the cities of Russia to listen to music on Baikal. Fans were housed in two camp sites in the village of Sahyurte on Maloe more.

According to the head of the studio of ethnic percussion "Etnobit" at ISTU Nataly’a Vlasevskaya, the team participates for the third time in the festival, "This is a very interesting area, where musicians meet in the last days of summer. Originally, the festival "Baikal-live" was exceptionally bard, but a few years ago, one of its organizers, the creator of the studio "Etnobit" Yuriy Gerasimov, invited us to participate in this musical event. The fact that a variety of musicians performed at one stage, brought unique flavor, and "Baikal-live" was turned from bard festival into a festival of outdoorsy soulful, pulsing and breathing music. Especially valuable is that experimental projects are performed here. In general the program becomes more and more diverse each year," said N. Vlasevskaya.

According to the head of the studio, this summer the team attended the festival "Barabany mira" in Togliatti; musicians rested on Olkhon Island, where they combine leisure with holding master classes, such that a "number of people, playing the drums has increased." Ten performers of the active team of "Etnobit" participated in the festival. Soloist of the team Marina Odintsova specially prepared a new performance with hiking mugs for the festival.

Economist Tat’yana Epifantseva performs ethnic solo in "Etnobit" in her spare time, she admits that this passion that arose two years ago, has turned completely her life. Tat’yana has a like-minded husband, daughter and dog Bantik, who travel with their mother for all performances. "This is traditional festival in one of the few places where the most vibrant musical events in our region take place. Here you understand that it is necessary to develop and improve the talents given by god. It is nice that different groups have the opportunity to interact with each other. We, for example, have long-term cooperation with a team "Veter oseni", and now are able to play with other musicians. "

Besides "Etnobit" of ISTU the ethno-duo «Sandal» (Novosibirsk), ethno-blues band from Buryatia "Hama-Ugy", folk group of folk art rock "Gosti iz glubinki", and the rock group "Brillianty Zikinoy" (Angarsk), School of ethnic drums "Jam-Bey" (ISU), Irkutsk rock group "Veter oseni" and "Jeans Klesh", etc. performed at the open stage.

New and already beloved songs were presented by Irkutsk authors Oleg Medvedev, Artem Dovgopoly, Renat Bayazitov, Dmitry Nartov Natal’ya Podsosonnaya, Alexander Oschepkov, Vyacheslav Nolfin, Ekaterina Baranovskaya, and others. Well-known bards Pavel Fakhrtdinov (Moscow), Konstantin Arbenin (St. Petersburg), Roman Lankin (Tomsk) gave a concert in warm environment.

The finale of the festival was the performance of reunited legendary duo "Beliy Ostrog" of «Two Siberians»: Yuriy Matveev and Artem Yakushenko. Lucky ones who visited the festival were able to listen to the author's virtuoso performance of instrumental music with elements of jazz, fusion, rock, ethnic motifs.

As it turned out, before enrolling in Irkutsk College of Art, where he learned to play the electric guitar, Yuriy Matveev was a student of the Faculty of Cybernetics in Polytechnic Institute (Technical University). He warmly reminds his years in Polytechnic Institute and sends warm greetings to fellow students and teachers. The musician said that Baikal is a sacred place for the band, because the first joint album was recorded in one day on the shore of Baikal.

Text and photo: Natal’ya Rozova