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23 August 2013
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ISTU Vietnamese student is in the Book of Records of the Irkutsk region

The yearbook "Irkutsk region. Book of Records. 2012" is posted material on the Vietnamese student Dinh Xuan Chon who is studying in Irkutsk Technical University at the Faculty of Journalism and makes films and videos about Irkutsk.

Dinh Xuan Chon was born in a small Vietnamese village, and after school entered a local institute of foreign languages, selecting Russian as the main language.

"At home, my family and me often watched Russian and Soviet films. My father told about the interesting Soviet people; he worked as an engineer in the construction of hydroelectric power in the Soviet Union. Hence my knowledge of Russian literature and interest in Russia ", says Dinh Xuan Chon.

After the first year of study the student was offered to continue study in Russia, and he chose Irkutsk: "That time I didn’t know what a Russian winter is, and how it's cold here sometimes. It's the real test for a guy from a warm Asia. I was impressed with the beauty of winter Baikal, stunning ice and water purity of its "rebellious daughter" Angara. Irkutsk grandparents knew that we came from Vietnam, kissed and hugged us, trying to do anything to help. "

Vietnamese student shot several films about Irkutsk and Siberia. First there was b-roll "Irkutsk from my sight." Then there were a few videos about Arshan, Olkhon Island, and bathing in urban font during the Epiphany. Dinh Xuan Chon prepared a social movie "Advertising is big garbage." ISTU student participated in the Festival of Documentary film "Man and Nature" with his photographic and video works, and one of his films entered in the top seven.

"Irkutsk from my sight" is one of the most significant works of Vietnamese student. This is a lyrical and very personal story about the city, which has become his home for some time. Every sentence of narration in the film begins with the refrain "Irkutsk from my sight", after which the author lists the events, places and experiences with which he associates Siberian city.

Dinh Xuan Chon admits that he loves Irkutsk - a calm, quiet but fast-growing city. Future journalist notices that a lot of high-rise buildings and shopping centers appeared just for four years of his living in Irkutsk. The filmmaker regrets that old houses with carved wooden tracery disappear from the center of the city; these decorative elements have a special unique beauty.

Dinh Xuan Chon shoots, edits, writes the narration, and merges music and videos. He did not plan to show movies to a wide audience; he just simply made amateur videos. Therefore, the popularity of online movies and clips about Irkutsk embarrassed him in the beginning, because narrations are with an accent, and video, in his opinion, could be more professional. However, the audience did not notice these, and is watching it with great interest. Dinh Xuan Chon has fresh perspective and thoughtful approach. His favorite film is documentary. Unlike hard TV news, it is more human, and its contents do not become obsolete, says the author of the film.

Nowadays Dinh Xuan Chon has his vacations on the Olkhon Island and comes back to Irkutsk in a few days to continue his study. After graduation, he plans to back Vietnamese home; then he plans to study any specialty in Master’s program in one of the universities in Irkutsk.

NI ISTU became the member of the project "Irkutsk region. Book of Records" for several times. The first edition of the book nominated Irkutsk Technical University as the largest university of Priangar’e. In 2008 ISTU creative groups - National vocal ensemble "Sing, friend" and a school of modern dance "Shagi" were also awarded in a separate category. In addition, last year book of records published the first session with the ISS, organized by amateur radio station of NI ISTU and the studio of ethnic percussion "Etnobit", discovered a new type of leisure and recreation - the game on Baikal ice floes.

"Irkutsk region. Book of Records" is an annual publication which presents the various facets of social and economic life of the region, describes the brightest personalities and projects, sports performances, and ethnic and cultural events. The opening of new museums and sculptures, achievements of the region's enterprises, advances in public health and pharmacology, festivals and art films are published in illustrated pages of the book. The edition celebrated ninth anniversary in 2012. Book of Records presents to a reader the knowledge about Irkutsk people who conquered Mount Everest and flown in space, masters "golden hands" and writer-naturalist, who brought up a few generations with his books.

Now, this information will be more accessible: editorial staff of Book of Records of the Irkutsk Region donated more than 800 copies of this book to the Regional Library named after Molchanov-Sibirsky.

Natal’ya Rozova