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12 August 2013
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Tournament on mini-football among veterans was held at the stadium of ISTU

Tournament on mini-football among veterans, devoted to the Day of the athlete, was held on August 11 at the stadium of ISTU. The competition was attended by teams of the Irkutsk region.

Sports veterans were welcomed by the Minister of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy of the Irkutsk Region, Pavel Nikitin. "Russia celebrates the Day of the athlete for the 74th time, and I am pleased to join the ranks of veteran of football movement”, said P. Nikitin. “The Irkutsk region and Russia in general, pays special attention to the development of physical culture and sports. We are facing with important challenges for the development of mass sports, promotion of adaptive sports, improving of sports infrastructure, support of coaches and athletes, preparing for the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. We are proud of bright victories of our athletes at the regional, All-Russian and international competitions. Irkutsk athletes won four gold medals of the purest tint just at the last XXVII World Summer Universiade - 2013 in Kazan," said P. Nikitin.

Tournament on mini-football was held under simplified rules: two halves with the change of the gate for 10 minutes. The game was held simultaneously on two fields. Six teams battled for the title of the strongest team; they are "Mobil", "Administratsiya", "Rospechat’", "Zarya", "Shelekhov", "Politekh".

The chief referee, the coach of the regional junior sports school on football (stadium "Lokomotiv"), Nikolay Butorin, said: "Today old friends, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, who meet in the stadiums of the city to play football, have gathered here. They cheer for the young generation with their enthusiasm and boundless energy. This is the first tournament of football veterans, and we hope it will become a tradition. Jokes and laughs sound on this fun and positive event. All this is accompanied with a sharp struggle, passion for sport."

Forward of the team of the regional government, the chairman of the board of noncommercial partnership "Self-organization of the builders of the Baikal region," a board member of the Alumni Association at ISTU, Sergey Brilka, said: "We have a wonderful mood. Veterans and football fans brought together in the stadium of Irkutsk Technical University thanks to three holidays - the tournament, the Day of the athlete and the Day of the builder. Players from the administration of the city and the regional government train with great pleasure at the stadium of ISTU three times a week. In general, we are all comrades here. Football and friendship dominate on our sports meetings, despite there is always a healthy rivalry and intrigue in the game."

Head of the Laboratory of Computer Technology at ISTU, Alexander Lazutchenko, admits that the team of the Technical University was a little bit unlucky in the tournament. However, according to a football player, "Guard of Technical University" showed to be real fighters.

The strongest team in the tournament was the team from Shelekhov. Teams "Mobil" and "Rospechat’" took the place on the podium along with the champions. The captain of the team from Shelekhov, Pavel Popkov, said that he was pleased with the victory and happy to meet with football fans whom he have not seen for a long time. Deputy of the Duma of the Shelekhov district, P. Popkov, runs the company Ltd. "Montazhpromstroy" and has been playing football for many years, and coaches the youth team of Shelekhov as a hobby. "I hope that our tournament will promote football and a healthy lifestyle," said P. Popkov.

Natal’ya Rozova