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29 July 2013

Snow melting machine of ISTU postgraduate will help to public utilities of Priangarie

Innovative developments of NI ISTU will make life easier for public utilities of Priangarie. For example, a postgraduate student of the subdepartment of engineering services and life support systems at ISTU, Yuriy Matosov, offers an alternative way to disposal of snow with the help of mobile snow melting installation. At the moment, the young developer has collected an experimental model of the machine, which will be tested in fall.

According to Yu. Matosov, the main element is the solar collector installation, created by the original author's scheme; it is complemented with a capacity for melting snow made of energy efficient electric heaters, which are made on the basis of the Technical University. Postgraduate student explains that snow is crushed in the tank and melts after sifting of debris under the influence of heat. Then, water is purified through local treatment facilities and discharged into the sewer system. Overall dimensions of the unit are 1100h650h950mm; the nominal tank volume is about 0.2 m3.

"The advantage of our machine to domestic and foreign counterparts is its portability. Unlike similar devices, made on the basis of the trailer, our machine can be moved without the aid of vehicles on their own wheels,” says Yu. Matosov. “The machine uses non-volatile system. Energy sources can be combined: if the machine does not have enough solar energy, it will be added with electrical energy. The planned performance of snow melting installation is up to 0.3 m3 / h. "

According to Yu. Matosov, the use of snow melting machine is capable to provide up to 60% savings compared to snow plowing with vehicles. In addition the operation of the facility for melting snow will be able 24 hours a day during the "snow" season, which continues 152 days (October to March) in Priangarie. The speed of snow clearing will be faster in 2-3 times. The snow removal is often performed by using of large trucks, worsening an already existing tense situation on the road. Yu. Matosov emphasizes that the use of this device is able to partially solve the road problem.

According to the calculations of the developer, initial cost of the installation is 150 thousand rubles. Price per unit will vary depending on the size of the machine and the particular needs of the consumer. Yu. Matosov points out that different models of this type of machine will be in demand by both private consumers (garage cooperatives, areas with townhouses) and public utilities of the city. The unit can be used in parks, squares, shopping malls, squares, car parks, as well as at industrial and manufacturing facilities.

The prototype of machine for recycling snow was presented byYu. Matosov to the general public for the first time at the International Youth Industrial forum "Engineers of the Future - 2013", which was held on July 18-26 on the coast of the lake Baikal in the village Bolshoe Goloustnoe.

Irina Afanas’eva
Photo: Anastasiya Slepneva