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29 July 2013

A number of innovative projects of ISTU is revolutionary - Vladimir Gutenev

The representatives of the Russian Engineering Union highly evaluated the economic potential of innovative projects of ISTU presented at the International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the future." On June 26, the University was attended by the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Mechanical Engineers, Vladimir Gutenev, CEO of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, Alexander Veprev, CEO of Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Leonid Belykh, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, head of the public organization "Young Innovative Russia" Anna Bukhalo, CEO of Ltd. " Russian electronics" Andrey Zverev.

ISTU students and postgraduates demonstrated the development in aircraft machine engineering, power energy, surface management and new materials. The total area of the exhibition hall of ISTU was about 300 square meters. ISTU guests were not only able to look at the university devices, systems and technology, created by the students, postgraduates and young scientists, but also to see them in action. Management of the university notices that the exhibition in the framework of the forum "Engineers of the Future" is a sort of report to the public on by the students, postgraduates and young scientists the work of ISTU as National Research University; the status was received in 2010. During this time, hundreds of students were interested in science; form the begining of their study, they actively participate in existing projects and offer new ones.

V. Gutenev noticed that information on future projects will be sent to the companies - members of the Engineering Union, the specialization of which fits to the introduction of developments.

"Even though the company will not implement the developments, they will give a qualified expert advice that will improve this or that innovation. Looking through the proposed projects, I was once again convinced that Irkutsk Technical University is a major research center, significant not only to the region but to the whole country as well. A number of developments is revolutionary, breakthrough developments. We must pay attention to the fact that in accordance to the government of the Russian Federation N218 many companies are involved in the research work with universities, and it brings very good results. The exhibition, which shows the joint work of the scientists of the University and Irkutsk aviation plant in the field of high-tech manufacturing, we discovered that the innovations of the university are working on a specific product that is becoming more competitive ", said V. Gutenev.

He got interested in the investment project of ISTU "Innovative technology of solid-phase iron production made of off-grade natural and man-made raw materials" and the design and development of sonar systems system of research and monitoring of gas hydrates. According to V. Gutenev, "projects of this level do not necessarily realize only at the level of the country; they can be offered to foreign companies."

Summarizing the results of the Youth Industrial Forum, the first vice-president of the Russian Engineering Union emphasized its importance: "This is an investment in the future of our businesses. The forum’s participants are young and talented people who attract the attention of their current leaders. This is the way to form the scientific staff. An industrial forum on the lake Baikal allows to many experts making the first steps on the career ladder, establishing business relationships. Here also new technological solutions are introduced here; there is an exchange of experiences and competencies. "

At the last day of the forum there was a round table on the topic "Engineering as a major branch of industry of the Russian Federation. The influence of economic factors on its development." The event was attended by acting rector of ISTU, Alexander Afanas’ev. He stressed that "Engineers of the future" is a program aimed at young people.

"I am deeply grateful to all the organizers for the fact that Irkutsk Technical University has become a full partner of the forum for the third year and has the ability to provide innovative solutions. We put a lot of effort and coped with this task. Our projects look especially good; the implementation of them will bring significant economic impact. Many developments are presented as candidate and doctoral theses, publications, scientific articles. These are, of course, important indicators, however the forum gives an impulse, which charges more talented young people with energy and becomes a strong incentive for further development," said the acting Rector of ISTU A. Afanas’ev.

III International Youth Industrial Forum "Engineers of the Future" was held in the village Bol’shoe Goloustnoe on July 16-26. More than 50 students, postgraduates and young scientists of ISTU provided the operation of the exhibition. Other 50 ISTU students worked at the forum as participants and volunteers. Guests of the pavilion of ISTU were able to appreciate the advantages of using of the planar heating elements and systems of "smart" lighting as an example of "Innodom". Visitors are shown nanomodified asphalt, concrete, paint, and building material made of wastes (sludge-lignin from Baikal paper mill) that saves cement without compromising the quality of the construction. Everyone was able to hold a little experience in "Eksperimentarium". The visitors participated in the production of nano-paint under the supervision of postgraduates and students of ISTU, have launched a vertical take-off aircraft, determined the best connection of cables and wires, tested the therapeutic laser device to search for biologically active points, saw the operation of snow melting device and the device for fire-fighting by the mean of soil throwing.