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28 June 2013
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NI ISTU holds the largest conference for entrepreneurs "Business-Success"

Irkutsk Technical University hosts the largest event for entrepreneurs – All-Russian Conference "Business-Success" on June 28. Forum is organized by the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises "OPORA ROSSII" with the support of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Irkutsk region.

According to the President of the public association "OPORA ROSSII", Alexander Brechalov, the Irkutsk region became the twenty-second region, which hosts the conference "Business-Success". The heads of municipalities, entrepreneurs, businessmen, bankers and financiers gathered together at the site of NI ISTU. The experts at the conference are the Vice President, Director of External Relations of the Department of Customers of Small Business of VTB-24, Nadezhda Karisalova, vice-president of Ltd. "Promsvyazbank", Konstantin Basmanov, director of retail and small business for the Irkutsk branch of Ltd. "NOMOS-BANK", Pavel Topchiev, head of the regional branch of "OPORA ROSSII", Eduard Yarotskiy, head of the Ministry of Economic development of the Irkutsk region, Galina Pershina, and a representative of the Ministry of Economic development of RF, Elena Kozyreva.

"We want to make entrepreneurs as the heroes of information materials in media”, said A. Brechalov. “In particular we are looking for successful practice of municipalities. We hold the competition at the third time, this year's finale was on February 27. It was attended by 350 municipalities and three federal ministers. For the representatives of areas - it's a great opportunity to present their municipalities. Today, we have generated a prize fund. The winner of the All-Russian competition will receive 1.5 million rubles to pay city branding or marketing area. "

Acting Rector of ISTU, Andrey Tanaev, wished the fruitful deliberations to participants and noticed the importance of the event: "This is symptomatic and absolutely natural that we have gathered just inside the walls of the Irkutsk State Technical University. Throughout the world, small businesses in the field of high-tech form a belt around the universities. Today ISTU holds 25 small innovative enterprises. The capitalization of these companies at the moment is 1.5 billion rubles. The annual income is more than 500 million rubles. "

In the framework of the competition of the best practices of enterprise development at the municipal level, heads of the Zalarinsky and Kuytun areas, as well as the city of Bratsk of the Irkutsk region presented their economic potential and achievements.

During the session "Business territory - territory of life" participants will raise issues of territorial development through entrepreneurship, changes in insurance premiums for entrepreneurs, successful practices of small and medium-sized enterprises in the municipalities, etc.

Practical advice on doing business will be shared by well-known Russian businessmen in the session "The best strategy for promoting the business." Among them is the hero of the business bestseller "The Botanists are doing business as well," owner of a chain of pizzerias "Dodo Pizza", Fedor Ovchinnikov. Fedor will hold a master class "4 motivating Cases for Small Business", and after this he will answer questions of Irkutsk entrepreneurs and give personal advice on doing business in the B2B-meetings. No less impressive success story to share is the story of Alexander Svinin, director of recruitment company Smart Start, which helps people to find a job through social networks. Well-known Irkutsk businessman - the creator of tourist operator "Baikal", Anatoliy Kazakevitch, and organizer of more than a dozen fascinating expeditions and unusual projects, will tell participants about the specifics of tourist business on the lake Baikal. Yuriy Devyatkov, will be among the speakers. He is a creator of a large-scale tourist project "Baykale.ru" and finalist of GSEA Global in New York in 2011.

In addition, in the framework of the conference there will be summed up the results of the competition for entrepreneurs "Business-Success" and the definition of the best entrepreneurs of the Irkutsk region in the categories "The best Project in the manufacturing sector", "Socially Responsible Entrepreneur", "International Youth Award in the field of entrepreneurship." The authors of the three best projects in each category will defend their business projects directly at the conference’ and the authoritative jury, which consists of organizers and partners of the competition, will evaluate them. The Leaders of the Rated municipalities that have demonstrated the most successful experience in supporting small businesses will be determined and awarded as well. The national employer - the company that won the most votes on the basis of online voting, will be determined at the same day.

Irina Afanas’eva
Photo: Anastasiya Slepneva