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24 June 2013
To university entrants

NI ISTU launched addmission campaign 2013

ISTU began accepting applicants. Statements may be submitted in person in the mode of on-line, by mail or by proxy in the settlements of outbound delt with receiving the documents to the Central Admission Committee. Upon request, each applicant may apply to three different directions to the university.

Traditionally NI ISTU ranks the first place in the ranking of universities in Irkutsk in the number of budget places. The number of budget places in ISTU is 2,254 places for training programs of higher education (bachelor's, specialist's, master's, full-time, part-time and evening form of education). In addition, the Ministry of Education and Science of RF allocated 430 places for college and secondary technical schools of NI ISTU.

In the current campaign on the application differs from previous ones. For example, the specialty "Technology of artistic processing of materials" will open a third inner creative contest instead of the traditional exam in physics - the basics of art; the specialty "Advertising and Public Relations" will offer an internal creative examination instead of the history.

ISTU master’s programm offers 472 budget places. Four new fields of study with budget places are opened this year. These are chemical technology (the program "Food from raw plant material"), Metallurgy (the program "Improvement and optimization of the processes of production of non-ferrous metals"), Foods from plant materials (the program "Food Biotechnology") and Quality control (the program "Integrated Management Systems and engineering"). In addition, for the first time the University will begin to prepare engineers in two specialties "Construction of unique buildings and structures" and "Land transport and technological means."

This year, the staff of the Central Admission Committee organized the reception of documents od university entrants in many towns of the Irkutsk region (Kuitun, Kutulik, Nizhneudinsk, Zalari, Bratsk, Sludyanka, Baikalsk, Novonukutsk, Taishet, Ust-Uda, Elantsy, Chunskiy, Bohan). The Commission is working as well in Chita and Borzya (Transiberian region), in Kabansk and Mukhorshibiri (Republic of Buryatia) and in the Republic of Sakha - Yakutia.

The rules of admission to educational institutions of secondary vocational education were also radically changed. Previously, applicants enter to the college and technical school on the results of the state attestation (GIA) or passed an internal exam, this year ISTU will accept all entrants. If their number exceeds the number of budget places, an average score of the school certificate will be considered.

ISTU committee members accepted 50 statements during the first day.

Konstantin Krivykh came from Olekminsk (Republic of Sakha-Yakutia). He chose the specialty "Information Security": "This is a promising direction for achievements in professional terms. My favorite subjects at school were mathematics and computer science. The fact that ISTU is a cool university, I learned from friends who are studying here for economists. "

Angarsk citizen, Ilona Britousova, dreams of being an architect from her childhood. "I want to design modern and comfortable buildings, which will serve the people over the decade. I like the architectural innovations of Korean architects. I learnt the terms of learning in ISTU on the open day. I’m pleased that the university offers not only learning opportunities, but also the way to create. I sang in the choir at school, and I hope I will continue to do this in the university, being a part of the creative team, " said university entrant. 

ISTU completed accepting the documents on July 25.

Last year, the ISTU Commitee received about 10 thousand applications from students (30% more than in 2011).

For information: (3952) 405-405.