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17 June 2013
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NI ISTU Technopark will be the main venue of the Town Planning workshop on the conservation of wooden heritage

Town planning workshop dedicated to the preservation of wooden heritage of the capital of Priangarie opened on June 17 at the House of the architect. According to the organizers, within five working days three teams of professional urban planners and restorers, young professionals and students will try to determine the prospects for the development of the historic center of the city, and to develop approaches to the preservation of the heritage of the municipality. The main workshop area will be ISTU Technopark. To remind, the project is carried out on the platform of Town Planning School of ISTU. Technical University is co-organizer jointly with Ltd. "Agency of Irkutsk monuments’ development" with the support of the administration of Irkutsk.

According to the chairman of the Committee on Economics of Irkutsk, Alexey Al'mukhamedov, urban environment is one of three components (in addition to economic and cultural policy) of the developed last year the Strategy of development of Irkutsk till 2025. He is convinced that the workshop will provide mechanisms for the transformation of the urban environment at the level of historical buildings to form correct management solutions.

"Thanks to long discussions we have defined the main directions of the future positioning of Irkutsk: city-communicator, eco-friendly city and the city of creative people. In this respect, the historical buildings are needed in the context of economic processes, tourism and the possible ecological environment. I hope that urban planning workshop will be interesting solution that will help to orient in determining the future of wooden Irkutsk ", said A. Al'mukhamedov.

Vice-Rector for International Relations at ISTU, Andrey Tanaev, added that the wooden buildings with unique "lacy" wooden houses of the XIX century, entire neighborhoods of ancient building are the main sign of identity of Irkutsk, "Our unique wooden treasure is absolute value for citizens. This does not exist in any other city of Russia.In the framework of the project team, we will try to give substance to and understanding of the sign of our identity: the city of monuments of wooden architecture. "

According to the General Director of Ltd. "ARPI" Irina Kravets, currently there are1100 objects of cultural heritage in Irkutsk. According to these indicators, the capital of Priangarie can compete only with Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are about 350 objects of cultural heritage in Tomsk, no more than 100 in Vologda. Ltd. "ARPI" restored 12 monuments of architectural heritage for half a year, professionals plan to work with over 40 buildings in the nearest future.

"It is very important to properly use and capitalize our heritage. Some people believe that wooden buildings are not needed, it is necessary to demolish and build up the area with new modern high-rise buildings. However, the city will lose its uniqueness ", said I. Kravets.

Director of Town Planning School, Alexander Kozak, said that the result of the workshop will be the development of recommendations for the town plans and the formation of a working group. Jointly with specialists of Ltd. "Irkutskgiprodorniya" working group has to design a detailed plan within the boundaries of the historic village of Irkutsk till November 2013.

"In 2012, it was adopted a federal law regulating the activities within the boundaries of the historic village, so there is a need to clarify the boundaries. In particular, the law specifies that the boundaries of the territory of historical settlements may not coincide with the boundaries of the village/town, and specifies the subject of protection as well”, said A. Kozak. “According to experts, there are areas in Irkutsk that are irrelevant to historical building. These are Novolenino, Pervomaysk and Universitetskiy districts. Therefore, the definition of borders, on the one hand, would preserve the historic center, on the other - will provide an opportunity to develop other areas of the city. "

Organizers emphasize that Irkutsk became the first city in Russia, where the work to clarify the boundaries of the historic settlement was done. The first step in preparing the draft plan of the historic settlement is completed. Due to the draft of Ltd. "Irkutskgiprodornii" borders of the historic settlements are multi-loop and include the central part of the city and part of the Sverdlovsk region. The next step will be the formation of general concepts and specific planning regulations of historical center of Irkutsk. This concept should be the basis of legal documents that determine the development of the regional center.

The final presentation of the participants of the Town Planning workshop will be held on June 21 in Irkutsk City Hall.

Irina Afanas’eva