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17 June 2013

Deputy Minister on Education, Alexander Klimov, and representatives of United Aircraft Corporation assessed the possibility of NI ISTU for the preparation of highly qualified personnel

Deputy Minister on Education, Alexander Klimov, and the representatives of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) acquainted with the possibilities of high-tech equipment, located in the research laboratories of the university during a visit to NI ISTU. The guests were interested in a joint research project of the University and Ltd. "Corporation "Irkut" to develop innovative technologies in the aircraft industry. Moscow delegation appreciated the opportunity of ISTU in the training of skilled personnel for aircraft industry who are having a world-class competencies.

The complex of the equipment of the first laboratory, which was attended by representatives of UAC and A. Klimov: "Technologies for high-performance machining, forming and hardening of machine parts" is unique in its composition and has no analogues in Russia. Deputy Minister was demonstrated turning center NEF400, five-axis milling machining center for machining of titanium DMU80P duoBLOCK, German company DMG, and industrial robot of Japanese firm Fanuc, as well as five-axis milling center HSC75V Linear for aluminum. All these machines are successfully mastered by the students and postgraduates of the university.

Scientific director of the laboratory, Andrey Savilov, stressed that the equipment belongs to the latest generation of machines and combines all innovative technologies that are now used in the machine tool industry. Laboratory’s equipment can solve the problem in most current problems in the field of high-performance machining, shaping and hardening of machine parts. Experiments are carried out in the laboratory, during them it can measure the cutting forces, the temperature in the cutting zone, carry out the analysis of geometric accuracy with high performance and the surface quality of workpieces, hardness and electrical conductivity of processed samples.

Scientists have said that in the framework of a joint project with the Irkutsk aviation plant - branch of Ltd. "Corporation "Irkut" ISTU faces challenges not only to optimize the technology, but also to automate it.

According to the supervisor of the laboratory "Advanced methods of forming in a blank-stamping process" Andrey Shmakov, laboratory staff carris out work on the creation and testing of new technologies of shaping sheet metal parts made of aluminum and titanium alloys for a wide range of engineering products. Postgraduate students and students of the subdepartment of aircraft machine engineering carry out specialized tests of metals and alloys in the modes of superplastic deformation in the laboratory. The laboratory staff is engaged in a virtual simulation of the processes of superplastic molding of parts, using the Licensed Software.

A. Klimov, deputy minister, and representatives of the UAC saw not only the achievements of scientists of ISTU in the field of aviation, but also in other areas. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Nikolay Buglov, told about promising innovative developments associated with new building materials, energy efficient heating and other heating elements to the guests of the Technopark of the University.

The results of the visit of ISTU were led by director of training of the staff of UAC, Nikolay Abrukov.

"We are interested in the practice of the realization of educational programs in ISTU in the framework of training for one of the most powerful enterprises of Russia - Irkutsk aviation plant (IAZ). Issues of interaction between universities, institutions with employers are in a priority for the UAC; and we knew that a lot of positive experiences with ISTU and local aviation college. Our expectations were justified during the visit to Irkutsk. Here there is a very interesting chain of interaction: IAZ’s experts are involved by the university to participate in the educational process, efficient industrial practices are organized at the plant. We can also see how closely the aircraft factory interacts with the university in terms of equipment, provision of equipment, training and retraining of the staff. I believe that this positive example will be broadcasted to other educational institutions that are in place to concentrate our aircraft production", said N. Abrukov.