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14 June 2013

ISTU project to create the device "Air heater" was among the three finalists of the contest "BIT-Baikal"

The project "Innovative and informative measuring device to determine the specific surface "Air heater" took third place at the regional stage of the national competition - accelerator "Business Innovation Technologies "Baikal" (BIT). Development "Petroleum pitch (low-pressure heater) - a composite material of a new generation" is on the fourth position of the competition. The leaders are Irkutsk projects on a two-module unit for the production of foamed material and technology, allowing giving up the creation of infrastructure for the sale and replenishment of transport cards.

The final of regional round was held on June 13. Manager on work with startups, Andrey Kulagin, greeted the contest from the part of a strategic partner "Russian Venture Company" (RVC). He noticed that this competition brings together students and staff of the leading technical universities, research institutions and business schools to launch innovative ideas to the market. General director of LLC "BIT", Natal’ya Tsarevskaya, also wished success to young innovators.

Project teams were had five-minute presentations. Each judge received his investment capital (10 coins in denominations of 1 BIT), which can be spread in any proportion among the finalists. After calculating the results of such "investments" the list of winners, who will represent Priangarie in federal semifinals of the national competition, was determined.

According to the Vice-Rector for Innovation activity at ISTU, Mikhail Kornyakov, 10 projects, five of which were presented by students and young scientists of the University, reached the regional finals of the contest "BIT-Baikal". In addition to the aforementioned developments, ISTU presented the projects: «tMus: Online service for sale of music», «Small Pipe Technology» and «Mobile energy efficient snow melting machine».

"The commission of experts assessed the projects in terms of commercial potential, as far as they are of interest to investors. Our projects: "Petroleum pitch" and "Air heater" scored maximum points. These are strong projects in terms of commercialization. I note that the University takes part in the competition for the third time. Last year, the Irkutsk region reached for the first time the final of the national competition "BIT" with ISTU project for the production of new fire-resistant building materials VINIZOL and PENOZOL", said M. Kornyakov.

The device "Air heater", which won third place in the regional final, was created by the member of scientific and engineering student center "Avtomatika". It operated on the base of the subdepartment of automation of production processes at NI ISTU. Measurement of specific surface area and porous materials is widely used in industrial processes as a mean of production control. This allows adjusting the properties of the substance and, consequently, seek to enhance its quality. Therefore the search for an automated device, easy to use, with high speed, and which reduces the cost of measurements, seem to be very relevant. The device not only meets all the requirements, but also improves safety through the use of air instead of helium as the carrier gas.


The National entrepreneurial competition "Business of Innovative Technologies" is held under the motto "Make investor to believe in you!". The competition was held for the first time in 2003, with the support of MIT Russia Business and Technology Initiative on the base of Moscow Physical and Technical Institute, High School of Economics and Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. Its goal is to initiate the creation of new technology companies, to increase their attractiveness to investors, to present technologies and innovations in the Russian and international venture capital markets, and foster culture of entrepreneurship in the Russian sector of high tech. The basis of BIT is the principles of the most successful in the world of entrepreneurship competition MIT $ 100K, which is annually conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is not just a competition of innovative ideas and technology, but competition of business plans and teams, capable to turn these ideas into a successful business. The judiciary of BIT includes representatives of the Russian and American community of venture capital investors, business angels and entrepreneurs.