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14 June 2013
Education, culture, sport, health

Children of ISTU employees went to rest in the "Politekhnik"

More than 50 children of employees of the Technical University will rest freely this year in the sports and health camp "Politekhnik". This is possible thanks to the support of State Educational Institution Integrated center of social services of Irkutsk citizens.

According to the general director of "Politekhnik", Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at NI ISTU, Eduard Shporin, camp of Technical University, located in 17 km of the Baikal tract, is a sports and recreational base of the university for more than forty years: "In the summer " Politekhnik" is attended by about 600 students, teachers, university employees and their children. Every summer there are sportive training camps of NI ISTU students and young athletes of physical culture schools. University athletes get free vouchers for a season of 21 days. The camp is located near the city, in a picturesque location on the shore of the bay. It was like a tent camp in the beginning, but became well-maintained in time. Now there are all conditions for recreation: football, volleyball and basketball courts, cross-country trails.

The camp is fully ready to receive children; it sustained the necessary sanitary standards, the area is treated with anti-mite-borne substance."
According to E. Shporin each year two seasons are organized for the children of Irkutsk State Technical University. "This year, 27 kids will go for the first season (18 days), about the same number will go for the second season. Full five varied meals are waiting for guys. Two professional teacher and sports instructor will be with them. There will be variety of sports activities; there will be organized hobby group. We also provide the opportunity to relax for children whose parents do not work in ISTU. Cost of the voucher is 12,200 rubles, " said the director of the SHC "Politekhnic".

Galina Kuz’mina works in the service of occupational safety of ISTU, her son Egor goes to "Politekhnik" for the second time. "The boy liked very much the camp last year, so we did not think for a long about the rest of the child in June. Of course in "Politekhnik"! In addition, a free voucher: it's a great help for the family budget," said G. Kuz’mina.

Eight-year-old Alena Starovoytova is not afraid at all to go to her first solo tour, "Mom asked me if I want to go to camp. I immediately said "yes" because I want to stay in the countryside in the summer. I'm not afraid to go there and live in the camp without my parents, especially because "Politekhnik" is close to the city, and mom and dad will come to me. I would like to communicate with wildlife - to feed squirrels or see any other animals. For me it is important that all the guys are good and nobody is swearing. "

Masha Ignatova is eleven years old, she has already been in sports camps: "I want a change of scenery, meet with new people. We lived in tents in sports camp, in the morning we had a very serious morning exercise, we walked barefoot on stones and swam. I learned how to play well in volleyball and other ball games. A good camp is different from the bad one because good one provides interesting activities and tasty food. I wish counselors will not ignore us, but will not give too much care. When you come out of the camp, it is a little sad to get out of the coniferous forest in the city. Guys bring new songs from camps, acquaintances with guys from other schools, the memories of the games. Summer in the city is also good, but boring, it's better to spend a vacation in nature. "

Now the seventh-grader, Egor Samsonov, will go to "Politekhnik" for the first time. "We're leaving for a long time, so it is important everything: accommodation, meals, activity during our spare time. I am fond of athletics, I will be happy to participate in sports. I’m very glad to get out of town and go with the guys. There will not be the usual TV and computer in the camp, but it will be a lot of play in the fresh air. I took a book in the fantasy genre to read."

His mother, Samsonova Tat’ana, stressed that she heard only good reviews about "Politekhnik": "I want my son have a rest in the nature and a well look after him; I want the educational work is on the good level. I hope that the interests of our children will be taken into account, they will not be bored. "

Natal’ya Rozova