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10 June 2013

ISTU will prepare masters in the field of Quality Management

"Quality Management. Integrated systems of management and engineering." A supervisor of the project, head of the subdepartment of "Quality Management" of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law at ISTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Pavel Lontskikh, has told about new project.

New academic year will accept 25 postgraduates, 10 masters on the budget basis. The cost of master degree on a commercial basis is 74.5 thousand rubles a year for full-time and correspondence courses. It is necessary to pass a professional exam to enter the masters. If the source education does not correspond to the formation of this profession, it should confirm the knowledge of the so-called multi-disciplinary exam.

According to Pavel Lontskikh, a specialty has been licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as foundamental education in 2004. The subdepartment of "Quality Management" has bachelors in this area, and this year it opens a master program. This is due to the high demand for specialists in the areas of regional enterprises. 

The educational program includes courses on "Integrated Management System", "Audit quality", "Certification of management systems", "Total Quality Management" and "Product Certification". In addition, undegraduates will study the "Insurance" and the new discipline "Survey." Survey is an independent assessment, which is carried out during the detailed inspection and testing of goods and vehicles. The master's program will also include such subjects as "Management of Food Safety", "Quality Management" in certain areas of the economy (construction, energy, oil and gas sector, the municipality), "Modeling and Business Process Management" and "Strategic Management".

"In a market economy, the task of experts on quality management is to determine how much and what kind of products will be necessary to consumers” says Professor Pavel Lontskikh. “We believe that the trend will be in demand, and employers will be interested in our graduates. We have good reason for it. Essentially, the quality management is designed to ensure the competitiveness of the enterprise or industry. The first item of the motivation for the training of specialists in this direction is the entry of Russia into WTO. Therefore, we must be able to ensure the competitiveness of businesses in all industries.

In addition, from July 1, 2013 Technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of food products" come into force in Russia. Today there are no mandatory standards in the management system in Russia, requiring the quality of food to highest standards. W should take care of the implementation of such requirements to ensure the competitiveness of Russian enterprises. In our region, the need for specialists in the field of food safety, as well as in the whole country, is huge. "

Professor Pavel Lontskikh calls international cooperation as the next item on the motivation. He is the head of the branch "Certification Association "Russian Register" and many professors of the subdepartment are its employees. "Students of the master's direction "Quality Management" have practices in the field of certification during their studies. Within the framework of international cooperation, "Certification Association" Russian Register "has already certified several companies abroad, including Chinese companies producing titanium products.

The demand of this branch of science is so high that this year representative office of the Association will be opened in China," said Pavel Lontskikh.

The subdepartment of "Quality Management" is training the highly qualified staff. Dissertation Council in the directions of "Managerial Economics in the national economy" and "Standardization and certification of management products" was opened for these purposes in 2010. It was defended 35 theses over the past two years on these issues in the dissertation council; all of them are successfully approved by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. At present, several theses are ready to be defended. 

"We can safely say that our students will be in demand. Forces of "Russian Register" certified LLC "East-Siberian Railway", the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, a number of companies of Verkhnechonskoe field, including "Irkutskneftegazstroy", "Vostoklimited", and subsidiaries of "Irkutskenergo". Our graduates head the departments of management at these enterprises. The subdepartment of "Quality managemnet" regularly sells applications for employment of its specialists and bachelors, graduates of master’s program are now included to them ", said the head of.

Natal’ya Rozova