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4 June 2013
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Gala concert and exhibition of the festival "Baikal Star 2013" was held at the site of NI ISTU

Gala concert and exhibition of art works of the participants of the Regional Children's Art Festival "Baikal Star 2013" was held in NI ISTU. Creative shows and needlework were demonstrated by pupils of regional institutions for orphans and children left without parental care, children with disabilities and children living in foster care. The organizer of the event is the Ministry of Social Development, the guardianship and custody of the Irkutsk region. The participants of the festival are more than 1.5 thousand children from all municipalities in the region.

Active participation in the preparation of the final concert was taken by staff and creative teams of the Centre of mass cultural and educational work at ISTU. According to the director of the Center, Tat’yana Dashko, the creative element of the university has been cooperating for the second year with the Ministry of Social Development within the framework of the festival. It was earlier reported that ISTU participants were responsible only for the concert program, and this year it was decided to hold a part of the final events of "Baikal Stars" - a gala concert and exhibition on the base of the university.

"We like working with the children. I believe that it is useful, first of all, to our students, because all of them are future parents, " says T. Dashko.

The positive experience of interaction is pointed out by the Deputy Minister of Social Development, the guardianship and custody of Priangarie, Tat’yana Pletan: "There are very talented, gifted and active students in ISTU. And in tandem with the participants of our festival they managed to create a really bright and colorful celebration that the children and adult spectators liked a lot. "

Members and guests of the festival were greeted by the deputy governor of the Irkutsk region, Valentina Voblikova. She stressed that the most talented kids of the region gathered the hall of ISTU, and the ability to enjoy their creativity is the best gift for all adults, "We continue to be amazed and wonder what extraordinary things are made by hands! And here of course, we see new stars, which will shine brighter and brighter each year. "

The final gala concert of the festival "Baikal Star 2013" includes 22 creative performances, which are recognized as the best in the preliminary selection tour. Young artists delighted the audience with songs, dances, circus performances, virtuosic playing of musical instruments.

Everyone who came to the gala concert of the festival of children's creativity "Baikal Star 2013" was met by mimes animators of the student group "Filibusters" of ISTU. They did not let the audience to be bored in anticipation of the holiday of talents and offered to see the work of the exhibitors of arts and crafts. Knitting, painting, sculpture, woodcarving, products of beads and sequins, soft toys, a variety of compositions and applications were presented in the hall of vinous color in the University.

"The joint work helps not only to develop certain abilities, but also provides an opportunity to improve communication skills between guys”, said teacher and organizer of the Irkutsk vocational boarding school for disabled people, Lidiya Legotina. “A participation in the exhibition is an attempt to show people that, even being confined to a wheelchair or with other physical limitations, you can live a full life and be creative."

Regional Children's Art Festival "Baikal Star" takes place in Irkutsk since 1997 on the initiative of the Ministry of Social Development, the guardianship and custody of the Irkutsk region and under the patronage of the government of the region. The event aims to identify and support gifted children, creating the conditions for the realization of their creative abilities, to draw public attention to the problems of gifted children in need of special care of the state.

Qualifying rounds of the festival are held in four zones (Irkutsk, Usol’e-Sibirskoe, Sayansk and Bratsk). Contestants demonstrate achievements in several categories: fine art, decorative and applied arts, photography, computer art (graphics), dramatic reading, folklore (oral, song), choreography, musical creativity, and circus arts.

Juliya Barakhtenko,
Photo: Anastasiya Slepneva