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4 June 2013

The first batch of bread with medicinal Icelandic moss is released by the recipe of NI ISTU scientists

Employees of the company ZAO "Dobry khleb", owned by Irkutsk Technical University and businessman Alexander Sobolev, baked the first batch of healing bread. Bread baked due to the unique formula developped by NI ISTU scientists on the basis of the food additive "Iceland moss" will appear in supermarkets in the summer in Irkutsk.

According to A. Sobolev, it is planned to bake a loaf of oil cake of pine nut except the bread with the addition of Iceland moss.A new bakery can produce 600 loaves during one shift. It is planned to organize the work in two shifts. The cost of a healing loaf in the paper packaging will be in the range of 40 rubles.

A. Sobolev is sure that "Dobry khleb" find a buyer in Irkutsk, because it increases the demand for bio-stimulants and bio-energy plant-based supplements.

"Our diet product is a bit more expensive than usual. However, it will be beneficial buying this bread because Icelandic moss allows storing it for much longer without losing flavor. Developers have shown that the introduction of the Icelandic moss powder to the recipe of bread speed up the process of dough maturation up to 11% and increases the shelf life of the finished product up to 20% ", - stressed A. Sobolev.

The laboratory of NI ISTU is organized in the bakery, since production can be a good basis for the implementation of scientific development of the subdepartment of food technology. The young scientists and internship students - future technologists will work in the bakery. Thus, an innovative company, "Dobry khleb" intends not only to make money, but also to develop science.

Equipment for bread producton is installed and tested. The contracts for the supply of raw materials are prepared. One kilogram of oil cake of pine nut costs up to 350 rubles, a bag Icelandic moss is even cheaper. Raw materials for bread is crushed in a special crusher and converted into powder. A few grams of powder is added in the dough.

The authors of the project "Development and commercialization of food products based on the unique plant food additive "Iceland moss" are doctoral student in organic chemistry and food technology, Svetlana Vershinina, and postgraduate of NI ISTU, candidate of technics, Olga Kravchenko. They studied the beneficial properties of the Icelandic moss that grows in the Irkutsk region. Introduction of powder of Icelandic moss to the recipe gives dietary properties to the product. This powder is pectin, which is so necessary to the human body in adverse environmental conditions. Pectin and polysaccharides that are found only in plants excrete radionuclides, toxic elements, pesticides and antibiotics.

Besides pectin, Icelandic moss contains a number of useful components that have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, is immunomodulator and possess antitumor properties. Due to the peculiarity of the carbohydrate composition of the Icelandic moss, bread is recommended to people who live in cities with high pollution, working in hazardous and extreme conditions.

Recipe of bread with oil cake of pine nut is developed by a senior lecturer of the subdepartment of Chemistry and Food Technology at ISTU, Irina Alexandrova, and a student of Chemical and Metallurgical Faculty, Elena Zomberg. During the processing the amount of proteins, fat and other nutrients is not decreasing in the oil cake. Oil cake of pine nut absorbs toxins and promotes their excretion from the body, strengthens the immune system and improves metabolism. Oil cake contains valuable vegetable proteins and almost complete set of amino acids, micro-and macronutrients, vitamins E, P, A, B, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The active ingredient supports the normalization of metabolism and the nervous system. All this makes the oil cake of cedar particularly valuable nutritious raw materials and essential biological supplement to the diet of modern man.

Technologists of ZAO "Dobry khleb" plan to pay special attention to non-yeasted leavern.

It was earlier reported that the project of NI ISTU "Development and commercialization of food products based on unique herbal supplements - "Iceland moss" was the winner of the prgram "START-2011." 500 thousand rubles is directed on the creation of a new production.