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23 May 2013

The winners of the first Youth Olympiad “Cup of innovations of ISTU" will get 30 thousand rubles

Winners of Youth Olympiad “Cup of Innovations of ISTU" are identified in the university on May 23. Projects of students Rostislav Skrypnik and Sergey Nebogin, as well as a project of undergraduate, Tat’yana Matosova, are recognized as the best. Each of them will receive 30 thousand rubles for the further development and implementation of advanced development.

Third-year student of the Institute of aircraft machine engineering and transport at ISTU, R. Skrypnik, introduced a comprehensive system to control greenhouse. Thanks to a set of technical solutions, automated system allows maintaining the desired temperature of soil and air in the greenhouse, contributing to a climate; necessary for the maturation of the fruit. According to a member of the expert committee of the Olympiad, co-CEO of innovative enterprise of NI ISTU and SIPPB RB RAS "Bionika", Sergey Zakharov, the development will increase the growing season, which is important for the Siberian climate.

The system of intelligent lighting control based on self-organizing wireless networks was proposed by III-year student of the Institute of Physics and Technology at ISTU,Sergey Nebogin. Together with postgraduate student, Nikolay Shipitsin, he developed a device that allows adjusting the brightness of LED lighting products, depending on the external environment, as well as monitoring the lighting. Innovation will reduce energy consumption. According to S. Nebogin, development is already interesting to the company "ALROSA". Currently, negotiations are underway with representatives of the company to equip one of the administrative buildings of "ALROSA" in the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) with "smart light".

Energy-efficient mobile unit to melt snow on city streets is created by a postgraduate student of the subdepartmnet of Engineering services and life support systems at ISTU, Yuriy Matosov, and undergraduate,Tat’yana Matosova. The device will operate from independent sources of electricity and solar energy. According to the authors, the use of units to melt snow facilitates the disposal of snow from roads, sidewalks and landscaped areas and also will reduce the amount of snow in bulk, which will improve the transport situation in winter.

According to the curator of the Olympiad, manager of the department of development of innovation in Technical University, Irina Khanina, 11 projects were received for the competition. The advisory council, consisting of the Pro-rector for Innovation activity at ISTU, Mikhail Kornyakov, head of the department of innovation activity of the university, Vitaliy Ruposov, director of ISTU Technopark, Alexey Zvezdin, and deputy director of ISTU Technopark, the general director of the joint innovation and enterprise of the University SIPPB RAS "Bionika",Sergey Zakharov, evaluated the developments

"The Olympiad provides an opportunity for young inventors to submit technical and rational ideas to solve problems of today's life. The University supports the desire of young people to the development of science and innovation”, said M. Kornyakov. “Among the applications received, most of the proposals were in the area of energy efficiency. The level of work varies from ideas to the finished prototype. We chose projects that seemed to us the most well developed for the final presentation; rationalization and innovation potential are visibal in them. "

Five young innovators of ISTU presented development in the final contest: students Rostislav Skrypnik, Sergey Nebogin, Kristina Tanasyuk, Olga Wysotskaya and undergraduate student, Tat’yana Matosova. Members of the advisory board asked questions to the contestants regarding the technical features and an outlet of finished products.

"Despite the fact that the guys are just starting to commercialize their ideas, it is necessary from the very beginning to think about who might be a potential buyer of the proposed product, to have a clear idea of where and to whom this or that development might be useful”, said A. Zvezdin. “In general, I can say that the presentations have been prepared at a high level. "

Youth Olimpiad "Cup of Innovations of ISTU" started at the university in April. The main objective of the new project in the field to develop youth innovation environment is to identify the ability of students and undergraduates for innovative thinking, creative approach to solving the ordinary at first glance, problems, as well as to commercialize implementation of the proposed solutions. Authors and groups of authors who needed to offer an innovative solution to one of the tasks defined by the position of the Olympiad were invited for participation. For example, these are about how to propose an original way for anti-slip properties for winter shoes or a decision of the perennial problem of parking on the narrow road (near the stadium of NI ISTU), to try to figure out how to reduce water consumption in student residences and others. The experts assessed the projects presented on the following criteria: originality, innovative nature of the project, and most importantly, the possibility of its practical implementation.

Juliya Barakhtenko,
Photo: Anastasiya Slepneva