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7 May 2013
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Students of the Faculty of vocational secondary education at ISTU participated in the "Relay of Memory"

Students of Mechanical Engineering college at ISTU performed well in the paramilitary sport festival "Relay of Memory", dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the Great Victory, which took place on April 29 at the Irkutsk stadium "Dynamo". The event was attended by more than 250 students of general education schools in the city of Irkutsk, as well as students of Mechanical Engineering and Geological colleges at ISTU. 160 athletes competed for leadership in the team championship in cross-country race at 1,418 meters (Great Patriotic War lasted so many days). Fans competed in the assembly and disassembly of the machine guns and firing air rifles, said one of the organizers of the event, the head of physical education at Mechanical Engineering College at ISTU, Leonid Motorin.

"We set a goal - to bring understanding of heroism of our people during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War to students, to educate the young people to respect for the veterans, the history of our large and small country”, said L. Motorin. “Social scientists have estimated that every war was carrying 10,000 human lives. Youth paramilitary sports festival is dedicated to the soldiers, guerrillas and home front workers; it is for all of Irkutsk citizens who, losing friends and loved people at the front and in the rear, sparing no effort and life itself, forged the Great victory. "

The organizers of the event, in addition to ISTU, became the Department of Education of the Committee on Social Policy and Culture of Pravoberezhny district of Irkutsk, Irkutsk regional branch of "Dynamo", the Office of the Federal Service for Drug Control of the Irkutsk Region, the regional public organization of veterans of the wars and war conflicts "Debt. Honor. Fatherland. "

Participants of the "Relay of Memory" hold a moment of silence for the names of the defenders of the Fatherland, who died on the battlefields of the most grandiose battles of the twentieth century. Garland for the meeting of the memory was handed by the winners of the concurs "The best Guard Post N1 of the Eternal Flame of Glory of Irkutsk in 2012." It will be put on the memorial by the winning team during the celebrations, which will be held in the city on May 9. Along with the flag of the Russian Federation a copy of the flag, erected by Soviet soldiers on the Reichstag on Victory Day 1945, was raised.

The chairman of the veterans' organization GUFSIN Irkutsk region, Colonel, Alexander Novoselov, awarded with the state award - the medal "For Service to the Fatherland," deputy head of the educational and cultural work at NI ISTU, Vasiliy Tregubov, a representative of the Russian Federal Service for Control drug in the Irkutsk Region, police Captain, Viktor Kazantsev, a member of the Board of Veterans of the Pravoberezhny district of Irkutsk, Vladimir Prelovskiy, greeted the young people.

Each of the 16 participating teams consisted of seven boys and three girls. Paramilitary cross was overcome by the entire team; the distance to the finish between the first and the last participant had not exceed 20 meters, and the time was recorded due to the last athlete. The results of cross were defined not by the individual championship, but based on the last team member. According to L. Motorin, it brings the team spirit, camaraderie and mutual support.

Interesting struggle was among the fans who assembled and disassembled guns for time and firing airgun in mobile dash, learned to work at the radio station. Equipment and training weapons were provided by Irkutsk School "DOSAAF." As the organizers of military-patriotic event noticed, "Relay of Memory" is held in the anniversary year of the Irkutsk sports society "Dynamo", so its representatives gave calendars and pennants to the guys. Each participant of the competition was awarded with medals and certificates. The collaborators of the Faculty of vocational secondary education at ISTU gave an information guide "Help for entrant" to the school leavers.