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30 April 2013
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NI ISTU students-psychologists create a portrait of the modern engineer

Portrait of modern engineering is created by the students of the Center for psychological assistance at Irkutsk Technical University.

According to the head of the Center, Larisa Larionova, the project aims to help improving the efficiency of production, and also disclosing personal potential employees.

"At the current stage, an engineer, who worked in technical progress, does not longer meet the requirements of a modern employer. Employee, faced with innovations, but not every person with an university degree, is able to implement something new. The engineer must be able to translate his ideas into practice, have a high capacity for work, have a practical way of thinking.

At present the selection of personnel in many industrial enterprises is on the tests, which are not always capable to assess the personality. Our research aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. We combined a number of techniques and transformed them into a program that will help to understand how to increase the production rate, utilizing the strengths of employees. In addition, identifying certain personal inclinations, we find out where a particular employee can maximize his potential and achieve the greatest success, " said A. Larionova.

ISTU psychologists actively cooperate with the Irkutsk aviation plant - branch of Ltd. "Corporation "Irkut"" and Irkutsk cable plant (Ltd. "Irkutskcable").

"Psychologists are constantly working at these enterprises; they have a special formula due to which they pick up employees at a particular position. We try to extend the boundaries, to show that our research has practical value and can really help at the enterprise", said A. Larionova.

Fifth-year student, Juliya Kirillova, was working with process engineers within two months at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

"With the help of various questionnaires, testing and personal interviews we discovered the qualities which prevail in a man. We considered a thought patterns, personal potential, and the level of efficiency, also touched on the emotional sphere. Implementation of such a test is a lengthy process, the work with one person takes about two hours. I interviewed 30 people. The study found that most of the candidates meet the qualities that make demand on today's engineers."

Project participants emphasize that psychologists pick different testing techniques. The work discusses a variety of settings, such as the willingness to unnecessary risk.

Fifth-year student Tatiana Cherkashina evaluated the job satisfaction of employees at Irkutsk cable plant. She interviewed 1,200 people.

"Irkutsk cable plant regularly conducts such investigations, according to the results of testing it was found that most of the staff is motivated with salary. However, there are those who hold patriotic or economic motives, " said the student.

L. Larionova said that at the moment the Center of phycological counseling at the Technical University plans to obtain a patent for his program: "We intend to work on the implementation of such a service. After completing the study, we would like to offer my development on the large enterprises of the region - Irkutsk Aviation Plant, Irkutsk Aluminum Plant. However, I believe that our work is not limited to only a portrait of an engineer. Working with this method, it can make a portrait of an employee of any field of activity. Due to a good division of labor, taking into account the quality of employees, not only the speed and efficiency, but also personal satisfaction will be increased. "

Anastasiya Slepneva