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30 April 2013

ISTU foreign students successfully performed at the All-Russian review contest in Tomsk

Foreign students studying at Irkutsk Technical University, successfully performed at the seventh All-Russia review-contest of research and creative works. More than 300 international students from around the world, studying in Russian universities, presented their works at the exhibition of talents in the International Cultural Center of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. This year's competition was attended by representatives from 32 countries and 30 Russian universities, among them are the universities of Omsk, Altai Territory, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg, Kuzbass, Rostov region, etc.

According to the head of the ISTU group, a senior lecturer in Russian language and cross-cultural communication, Larisa Erbaeva, research works of foreign students were assessed by a special expert committee composed of leading scientists from Russia and the world, employers from industry and academic institutions. The works of foreign students were considered in several areas: creative, social and scientific, medical and biological, and humanitarian. Each category was presented by hundred works of the students. Organizers noticed that Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian students were distinguished with special creativity.

"Expert Committee noticed the high quality of the works of foreign students studying in Irkutsk Technical University. They are fluent in Russian, competently express their thoughts. Our guys often participate in scientific conests. Student Scientific Conference "Science Initiative of foreign students and postgraduates of Russian universities," round table "Russian education - my path to success" was organized in the framework of the review contest,” said L. Erbaeva.

Participating in the scientific and practical conference "The Science Initiative of foreign students and postgraduates of Russian universities”, future miner, fifth-year student, Otgonbaatar Zhargal, received the diploma of the first degree. Student of the Institute of surface management at ISTU presented a report on "Mining and geometrical analysis of the south-western section of the coal mine "Tavan Tolgoi". Otgonbaatar Zhargal said that the deposit in south of Mongolia is considered to be very promising: "This strategic field will have a significant impact on the effective development of the Mongolian economy. "Tavan Tolgoi" was studied in the Soviet era, the scientists of ISTU made mining and exploration plan. I used it to calculate the extraction of coal and to built graphics. I emphasize that my victory in the review competition in Tomsk is a merit of the research supervisor, Zinaida Alexandrovna Orlova. As for the experience of participating in this large-scaled event, they are very good. Tomsk is friendly town, we walked a lot on its beautiful streets. "

Another successful report was made by Vietnamese student Trieu Tien Dat, who is studying at the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, ISTU. The diploma of the first degree was awarded to him for his report "Features of the tourism market of Vietnam and the prospects for attracting tourists from Russia" (research supervisor - Georgiy Shalamov). According to the student, the theme of his work is very relevant, because tourism in Vietnam is developing rapidly and it is a key sector of the economy: "I conducted an analysis to understand why the Russian tourists prefer for example Egypt, where many deaths vacationers, to Vietnam. The main reason is the lack of information about the level of service, the climatic benefits, and measures to ensure the safety of tourists in Vietnam. My report raised tthe interest of the participants of the conference. In addition, I met with Vietnamese students in Tomsk, who told me about their lives and studies in other Russian universoities. "