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29 April 2013

NI ISTU presented a promising innovative projects at the XII session of the Baikal community of business angels

Four high-tech projects were presented by the small innovative companies of ISTU at the XII session of the Baikal community of business angels. Leaders of two more companies of innovative university - Group of companies TOMS and LLC "Nanotehtsentr" shared the stories of thesuccess of start-ups with the participants.

The meeting of innovators and potential investors was held in the conference hall of the administration of Irkutsk on April 29. The organizers are the city administration together with Ltd. "Irkutsk technology service company," the Irkutsk regional branch of the All-Russian public organization "Delovaya Rossiya", Russian Union of marketing, the marketing agency "Laboratory of business decisions."

According to the organizers, about 60 applications have been submitted for the participation in the session. Due to the decision of the jury, four projects that are most ready for implementation and financing have been recommended to the representation of the business community of the city. The authors of the developments were employees of LLC "Laser Technology", LLC "EkoStroyInnvoatsii" and LLC "Innovation Centre" Energy efficiency", NI ISTU. According to the deputy mayor - Chairman of the Committee on Economy of the administration of Irkutsk, Alexey Al'mukhamedov, all of the proposed technical solutions are interesting and may find application in the field of urban development.

New fire retardant material VINIZOL based on large-capacity industrial waste (fly ash from coal burning at power plants and polyvinyl chloride) was presented by a postgraduate student of the subdepartment of mineral processing and environmental engineering at ISTU, Vyacheslav Barakhtenko. The project is realized by LLC "EkoStroyInnovatsii." The material can be used for both exterior and for interior decoration, as well as for production of various structures (fences, sidewalks, boat piers and decks, etc.).

"Depending on the equipment used, it is possible to produce the goods of all shapes and sizes: a terraced and facade boards, siding, roofing tiles, wall panels”, said V. Barakhtenko. “The product is suitable for the manufacture of window and door frames, skirting boards and even furniture. So VINIZOL is fire safe, has high chemical and biological stability, low cost, capable to standing the effects of different temperatures. "

The developers see the construction enterprises, companies engaged in the production of plastic products, in the role of potential consumers of their product.

Two technical solutions were offered by representatives of LLC "Laser Technology", ISTU. Manager of the Development of innovation activity of the university, Ksenia Sinitsyna, made a presentation of the project "Laser for diagnostics and therapy of cancer." K. Sinitsina reported that each year about 500 thousand cancer patients are revealed in the world. Every year about 10 million people were diagnosed. All of them need in expensive, painful treatment that has a heavy impact on the body. Laser, developed by the ISTU scientists, allows for diagnosis and treatment of patients, applying it in 80% of cases detected disease. At the same time, according to K. Sinitsyna, costs for drugs lower in 2.5-3 times, there are no serious consequences for the patient and the need for rehabilitation, the risk of metastasis is significantly lower.

The postgraduate of Institute of Physics and Technology at NI ISTU, Nikolay Shipitsin, offers to save electricity by the use of "smart" technology. Together with colleagues from LLC "Laser Technology", he develops intelligent lighting control system. The system is organized on the basis of wireless technology and is designed to reduce the consumption of electricity and other costs for lighting.

According to N. Shipitsin, the development has a number of unique technical parameters that are absent in counterparts. It is based on a conceptually new approach of dynamic lighting control on the basis of the wireless network. In addition, the advantages consist of the low internal energy consumption, the use of a minimum number of sensors, the lower cost of the final product, compared with foreign counterparts, etc. Small size and weight of the system allow embedding it in the lights directly. The system is aimed at companies which adhere to energy-efficient and energy-saving solutions in the field of lighting technology. The consumers of this product may be construction companies, housing and utilities services, companies that own large warehouse and logistics facility, any other companies interested in energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

LLC "Innovation Centre "Energy efficiency" introduced economic solar collectors to the participants of the XII session of the Baikal community of business angels. The device, according to the authors, will solve issues such as energy supply in remote and inaccessible areas, depletion of natural resources and an increase of the unit cost of energy. Feature of the device is a special form of inner tubes, which allows the coolant to be longer in the heating zone and therefore to be better warmed up.

"Participation in the session of the Baikal community of business angels is an important step towards commercialization of ideas”, considers the director of ISTU Technopark, Alexey Zvezdin. “Seed funding, which is typically provided by business angels, can be a starting point for further development. The proceeds of the private investor in the initial stage can be used, for example, to complete the research and development activities, to create prototype models. "

A. Zvezdin also reported that today 20 small innovative enterprises operates on the base of Irkutsk Technical University. The university has a design for almost all branches of industry, and this gives him the right to be the leading innovative structure of the region.

Juliya Barakhtenko,
Photo: Anastasiya Slepneva