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23 April 2013

The Ministry of Industrial Policy and Forestry of the Irkutsk region and ISTU signed an agreement on social and economic cooperation

The Ministry of Industrial Policy and Forestry of the Irkutsk region and Irkutsk Technical University signed an agreement on social and economic cooperation. The document is signed by the head of the Ministry, Vladimir Gordeev, and ISTU rector, Ivan Golovnykh. Due to the agreement, the mediator between innovators of Higher education and manufactures will be a Reengineering Center, based on the Institute of Economics, Management and Law at ISTU. The Centre is involved in the preparation of terms of reference for the development of the concept of innovative development of the Irkutsk region until 2025, which is carried out by the regional Ministry.

According to the director of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law at ISTU, Gennadiy Dykusov, the staff of the Reengineering Center plan to search for investors, shareholders and other participants for the implementation of innovative developments of the scientists in the region, to advise them on the legal and commercial issues, including the establishment of joint ventures. Center will undertake the examination of papers, analysis of technical specifications, the findings on the legality of the financial costs, and will help to promote projects and prepare agency agreements with the developers of leading innovative projects of ISTU. 

This year, the Reengineering Center is promoting several innovative developments. Among them is the project, based on the regional target program "Clean Water 2012 - 2014", which provides the technology and device for non-chemical integrated cleaning of natural and waste waters. The invention of NI ISTU Professor, Konstantin Yastrebov, allows increasing the level of the water treatment without the use of chemicals. Reengineering Center commits to implement the project of general director of LLC "Laser Technologies", Nikolay Ivanov, called "The laser for photodynamic therapy"; it is used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The work on the development and selection of promising options and schemes of production of torus reinforcement will continue. The project "Shutoff and control valves " (valves for pipelines) is in the process of accomplishing by the staff of the subdepartment of equipment and automation of machine engineering (Institute of aircraft machine engineering and Transport) under the guidance of Professor, Vladimir Kol'tsov. The commercialization of technologies for the usage of the apparatus to treat sludge lignin developed by the experts SIPPB SB RAS and the staff of the subdepartment of mineral processing and environmental engineering at NI ISTU, led by Professor Andrey Bogdanov, will continue as well. The project is a part of the regional target program aimed at the development of a consortium of organisms to eliminate lignin, animal wastes and liquid household wastes. Reengineering Center offers its assistance in the implementation of other projects of ISTU innovators that may be interesting to the employers of Priangarie.

"Reengineering Center of ISTU was established two and a half years ago; and it is a resident of the Business Incubator of Technical University. We carry out the works on the formation of orders for research, business planning and economic calculations of projects, and we conduct market researches as well. The task of Reengineering Center is to find an investor who can help to implement the project, to bring the product of intellectual work of scientists to the consumer, being a mediator between science and business, " said G. Dykusov.

The employees of Reengineering Center of ISTU include his head, Professor of subdepartment of Economics and Finance, Vladimir Dvornichenko, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management at NI ISTU, Gennadiy Dykusov, NI ISTU Associate Professor, Anatoliy Merkulov. The center employs 23 staff.

Nataliya Rozova