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19 April 2013
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The anniversary of vocal ensemble "Sing Friend» starts with spring cantata of Georgiy Sviridov

A unique joint project of vocal ensemble "Sing Friend” and Schools of modern choreography "Steps" will open the anniversary concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the choir. Choreographic performance "Spring Cantata" by Georgiy Sviridov will be presented on the stage of the assembly hall of Irkutsk Technical University.

As the head of the vocal ensemble "Sing a Friend", Galina Gilenova, reported at a press conference in the press center of Irkutsk agency "Interfax-Siberia," this performance was never performed in Irkutsk: "The idea of a joint project was cherished for a few years. We always wanted to do something with "Steps", but could not anticipate that it will be a Sviridov’s cantata. There will be presented at the same time the choir of 27 men and 12 dancers on the stage of the university. It is very difficult to say that it will be on the genre, I call the project as Greek tragedy, when the choir stands, and at the same time the dancers illustrate the effect. Thus, a full choral performance takes place. "

G. Gilenova recognizes that cantata is performed not in a classical interpretation. The action is set due to the soundtrack, prepared by the composer of the Philharmonic of Irkutsk region, Dechebal Grigorutse. Furthermore, the pperformance is reduced from 18 to 13.5 minutes.

According to the head of the School of Modern Choreography "Steps", Inna Chernikh, it originally intended to include once dance in the performance.

"Cantata consists of four parts, three of which are vocal (by Nekrasov's poems) and one is instrumental. At first it was planned to complete the movement of only the last part, but our choreographer, Vladimir Lopaev, was so inspired by the music that he decided to put a dance for the whole work. We must admit that we were very nervous before this new, ambitious project. When the chorus came to our ballet class, I was surprised to see how the dancers’ knees tremble. However, the work was in one breeze," said I.Chernikh.

Artistic director of Philharmonic of the Irkutsk region, Marina Tokarskay, notices that "Sing Friend” has been working closely with the Philharmonic for 15 years: "The ensemble is a permanent member of the project "Youth Philharmonic", and the festival "Music without borders". "Sing Friend” and "Steps" are the groups with a high level of professionalism, they are acknowledged not only at the All-Russian, but also international levels as well. The joint project is a significant event not only for the cultural life of Irkutsk, but for Priangarie in general. Execution of performances of Sviridov requires high professionalism and skills. This project combines several forms of art, it's a very interesting idea, so far no one has executed it. It seems to me that the 18 - minute performance of the cantata will give a modern "cultural vaccination" to young people. 

The premiere of Sviridov’s "Spring Cantata" will be held in the auditorium of the Irkutsk Technical University on April 20. The anniversary program will also include 13 performances from the repertoire of the ensemble, which are performed in five languages.

Vocal ensemble "Sing Friend” appeared at the base of Irkutsk Technical University in 1998 and was in the beginning a purely male team. Only five years later the girls appeared in the ensemble, then the repertoire has improved markedly - Russian folk songs, sacred music, compositions of Russian classics, popular pop hits of past years, original songs, compositions of foreign composers, the music of the peoples of the world. Nowadays there are 26 members of the ensemble. The current repertoire includes about 60 compositions; there were executed more than 200 songs for 15 years.

Anastasiya Slepneva