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1 April 2013
To students

ISTU proposes to organize its regional headquarters of student construction teams

ISTU holds the round table "The separate problems of student groups," which is organized by the Committee for Socio-Cultural Law of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region under the leadership of Chairman, Irina Sintseva. The event was attended by the Vice-Speaker of the regional parliament, Gennadiy Nesterovich, State Duma Deputy, Sergey Ten, Deputy Chairman of the Irkutsk regional labor union association, Valery Lukin.

The participants discussed the expansion of existing support measures for student groups from the part of legislators.

The initiative to organize regional headquarter of student construction teams was delivered by Chief of headquarter of student construction teams at ISTU, deputy chairman of the labor union committee of students, Sergey Anosov: "The base of our institution allows doing it. We hope to support this initiative by other groups in the region. Most of the workers of all existing construction teams in the region are our students. We hope to attract about 500 students of the university, mainly construction specialties, as well as representatives from other faculties and institutes of the university in labor semester. Today the applications are submitted by more than 300 students. There is an agreement with major construction companies "Vostsibstroy", "Vostokservis", "Vostoktsentr" negotiating with "New Town." There is provision of applications for work in Irkutsk, Angarsk, Zima and Sayansk. In April, we will organize a course a march of readiness in May. "

Experience in construction teams was shared by S. Ten, who was three times in such teams "Construction team movement is an opportunity to earn, to gain experience with people and understand what this or that profession really means. If I did not work in them, it would never have become an effective director. If you want to reach a certain level in the workplace, then you need to visit the place of hard workers with kyle and shovel. There are many directions for student teams in the Irkutsk region. However, we have a lot of foreigners in spite of the current unemployment rate among young people. To ensure the employment of students the legislators need to work more. "

The roundtable participants noticed that even now construction teams will not pay pension contributions on wages up to 20 thousand rubles. In Priangarie the development and support of construction teams are governed by the regional law about the state youth policy program "Youth of Irkutsk Region for 2011-2013" and the decision of the regional government "About the assistance in the organization of student labor groups."

A graduate of the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, vice chairman of Irkutsk regional labor union association, Valeriy Lukin, tells his construction team restored the Tashkent after earthquake. In 1972, he left the Komsomol in the construction All-Union Komsomol construction to build Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station. "School construction teams is a school of education leaders. Today’s construction teams find work in the construction, road sector, where implementation of new technologies ", said Vladimir Lukin.

In Russia, there are more than 300 thousand people members of student construction teams.