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6 December 2012
International INRTU

ISTU associate professor, Alexey Levashev, studied experience of the modern transport system in Germany

Associate professor of the subdepartmnet of management and logistics in transport, Alexey Levashev, had the training at the Technical University of Dresden (TUD, Germany). The trip became possible thanks to the victory of a young scientist in a joint program of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD «Mikhail Lomonosov III». Within two months, A.Levashev has being made the research led by Professor of TUD Gerd-Axel Ahrens.

"My research interests lie in the development of methods of transport planning with the high level of motorization”, said A. Levashov. “In Germany, a similar topic is receiving a lot of attention and are active in a variety of work in the field of transport planning and related industries. Therefore, the expertise of the country might be useful to us. "

A. Levashev told that during the training, he visited a number of major events with the participation of leading experts in Germany and Europe in the field of transport planning: "As a student I was able to attend the conference on integrated planning and development of the modern transport system in Germany. This scientific forum was attended by representatives of the administration of the city of Dresden, universities and business groups from different cities in Germany, the experts of the European Community. Speakers reported on the studies and practical achievements related to the development of the transport system, population mobility, and talked about further action to improve the situation. In addition, I participated in the congress to discuss innovations in the field of transport planning: new regulations, software and techniques that have emerged in the field of road design. One of the meetings was devoted to the development of recommendations for the design of circular intersections of special shape, the so-called turbo-rings. During this conversation, I told about the development of management and employees in the transport logistics at ISTU in circular motion to German colleagues. "

A. Levashev also visited transport company responsible for passenger transport in Dresden. German transporters showed the operation control center to the guests from Irkutsk, where it is going to monitor the movement of public transport and, if necessary manager may contact the driver of each of these machines at any time.

Participation in the various scientific events allowed A. Levashev not only gathering the necessary materials for his own research, but also establishing professional business contacts with foreign colleagues. According to A. Levashev, many people are interested in the Baikal International Winter University Urban Planning, held at Irkutsk State Technical University, and are going to visit the next session - in February 2013. A Levashov does not also preclude the development of joint research projects, including with the head of the internship of professor Ahrens.

The program "Mikhail Lomonosov III» is realized by German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the Ministry of Education and Science. The program provides annual grant funding for graduate students and teachers of technical and natural sciences universities, Ministry of Education jurisdiction. The program provides an opportunity to Russians to work on the dissertation and research at universities and non-university research centers in Germany, as well as to expanse the contacts with German colleagues.

Technical University of Dresden is one of the oldest universities in Germany, is one of the largest universities of Dresden and Saxony. The number of students of Dresden Technical University has been ranked among the technical universities in Germany: it is about 35,000 students and employs more than 4,000 employees.

Julia Barahtenko,
Photo: Anastasia Slepneva