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6 December 2012

NI ISTU holds a regional forum on energy conservation

December 6 Irkutsk Technical University holds a regional energy forum on energy conservation and energy efficiency. According to the organizers, the event takes place within the framework of Russian Ministry of Education "Implementation of regional energy forum on energy conservation and energy efficiency." Head of the subdepartment of engineering services and life support systems at ISTU, director of the Innovation Center "Energy Efficiency", Mikhail Tolstoy, said that the forum is held with the participation of the Government of the Irkutsk region, the region's leading companies, including invited Russian and foreign colleagues from Kamchatka and the Republic of Korea.

"At the moment technologies related to energy efficiency, are in priority for our state. In this respect, ISTU has a serious scientific school. Center "Energy Efficiency" works fruitfully at the University for the past 10 years. Every year the staff of the University performs a significant amount of research on the orders financed from the budgets of different levels, as well as by requests of enterprises. Almost all large organizations in the preparation of energy certificates, development of energy conservation measures are turning to ISTU scientists for advice, implementation of these works ", said M. Tolstoy.

According to him, among the major development center "Energy Efficiency " is a project of automated system of accounting and control fuel and energy resources of Ltd. "RUSAL" IrkAZ " , study and development activities for setting up of district heating systems and facilities of industrial heating of refinery and chemical plant Ltd. "Angarsk petrochemical company ", optimization of thermal networks in Baikalsk and Ltd. " Usolmash", etc.

As associate professor of Management Systems Kamchatka State Technical University, Pauline Khan, who arrived to Priangarie, together with a representative of the Korean Yeungnam Universit, Dr. Pyung Hwang enters into a tripartite agreement on cooperation. She argues that the scientific achievements of Koreans, especially in the "green" energy, can be successfully implemented in Russia.

"Green" energy is called the processes that take place with little impact on the environment. This category includes geothermal, wind, micro hydro, solar, tidal and wave and some nuclear power, which do not lead to the formation of radioactive waste”, explains P. Hahn. “South Korea is among the world leaders in energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy, especially solar energy. Nowadays a possible format for future engagement of universities is creating. ISTU has some interesting developments in this respect, for example, the use of solar or micro hydro. In this regard, Kamchatka is the perfect proving ground for testing, since there is virtually any design can be cost-effective. "

During the event, associate professor of engineering services and life support systems, Nikita Korzun, told to the forum participants the know-how of the Technical University, associated with a fee of enterprises for the negative impact on the environment. The project is relevant in connection with the implementation of the state program of energy conservation and energy efficiency at the household objects of the Baikal region. N. Korzun said that the know-how should be interested for nature.

"We are negotiating with the Irkutsk water utility that is interested in the reduction of the total payment for the negative impact of 10 million rubles. The savings can be spent on environmental measures, or on improving technology”, said N. Korzun. “Fee for the negative impact on the environment is non-tax payments and has individual compensatory and compensatory in nature. It is caused by the need to redress the environment, nature conservation and environmental safety. We offer services in environmental auditing, justify the order of protection and the actions of nature. In addition, our specialists are able to carry out laboratory tests to confirm or exclude the presence of substances in the approved effluent. We can also carry out studies for the toxicity of water for the environment. "

Energy Forum will continue to work on December 7 in the framework of the round tables on specific areas: "Energy Management", "Energy Audits", "Experience and implementation of energy efficiency programs," "Engineering equipment housing", etc.

Irina Afanasyeva
Photo: Anastasia Slepneva