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5 December 2012

ISTU students showed good results on the National Student Olympiad on the chemistry of oil

11 National Chemistry Olympiad on chemistry of oil was held on November 28 -29 at the I.M .Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow. The honor of the Irkutsk Technical University was defended by students of Chemical and Metallurgical Institute of ISTU: Dmitry Rudenko, Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Dereshov, took the fourth place in the intellectual competition.

Competition is one of the most prestigious and aims to identify talented students - chemists from the Russian hinterland. Eight technical institutes, which train specialists in the field of oil and gas, including educational institutions of Tyumen, Astrakhan, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod competed in chemistry knowledge of oil. ISTU takes part in the event for the first time.

By the words of fifth year student of Chemical and Metallurgical Faculty Alexander Dereshov, the contest included assignments in the field of organic chemistry, instrumental methods of analysis and refining. "Intense competition just gave gambling”, said Alexander Dereshov. –“Quests of Olympiad were albeit difficult, but solvable. I showed a good knowledge of organic chemistry, this course was read by Professor Sergei Nikolaevich Yevstafyev. "

According to a participant of the contest, a quest for oil chemistry suggested to divide the mixture of substances to find agents and describe the reaction.

"It was necessary to identify a particular alkene structure and suggest what reagents extract it from the mixture so it does not hurt. Quest for oil processing was that it was necessary to completely paint the mechanism of the behavior of matter in the thermal and catalytic cracking. This was also difficult, because during practice for the APC, we repeated all these processes. Good knowledge of instrumental analysis was showed by Dmitry Medvedev, who recently took an advanced course ", said Alexander Dereshov.

According to the 4th year student of Chemical and Metallurgical Institute, Dmitry Rudenko, one of the very interesting questions was related to the mechanism and chemistry of catalytic processes: "Now we are having the course of Petroleum Chemistry, and we are studying this issue directly. At the contest the methods for separating mixtures of substances and methods of gas-solid and liquid chromatography were easy. This narrow topic and we studied it indirectly as oil workers. Once again, I was convinced that all knowledge can be useful ", says Dmitry Rudenko.

Young chemists said they became friends with teams from other universities, to compare the level of knowledge that is given in different universities. I.M. Gubkin University of Oil and Gas made very nice impression on the guys. Irkutsk students noticed the leadership of the Moscow University, and offered to go to graduate on a budgetary basis to the provision of a hostel. In addition, being a job fair, students received interesting offers from directors of capital firms.

"We realized that it can show solid knowledge with proper training, regardless of where you receive education. The main thing is to get its quality, "concluded Dmitry Rudenko.

According to a third-year student Dmitry Medvedev because of Irkutsk Technical University took part in the competition of such a high level for the first time, the high school university team felt the double responsibility, and did not know what kind of job we are coming. I liked the structure of the I.M. Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, where each floor is designated for a large corporation. "

Dmitry Rudenko interested in scientific work, and plans to get a second degree in management. A. Dereshev has already a business in the construction industry for the production of foam concrete involved in work on warming and filling floors. Dmitry Medvedev plans to continue studying in the third course at ISTU. The topic of his research is in the area of lubricants.

Natalia Rozova
Photo: Anastasia Slepneva