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5 December 2012
International INRTU

ISTU students are ready to develop the project of restoration of Irkutsk architectural monuments during the summer school

NI ISTU plans to revive and reorganize the work of the Baikal International Summer School of the restoration, the University press service’s assistant professor of architecture and design basics, Alex Chertilov, reported. According to him, the ten-year experience of the Summer School has shown that two or three weeks of the project are not enough to deeply learn the skills of restoration work.

"We want to make a year-round project, and focus solely on the local market to prepare specialists for the Irkutsk region and the neighboring regions”, said A. Chertilov. “During the previous school Russian and French project participants were familiarizing with the tradition of wooden architecture of Siberia and restored heritage sites of the 130 historical quarter, in the architectural and ethnographic museum "Taltsy" and in the Trubetskoy’s estate. Nowadays we promote the idea that the restorers are not only partially involved in the reconstruction of historical monuments, and can lead teams and be responsible for delivery. We are also interested in acquiring students -architects to this work at the Technical University, which may develop projects of restoration and reconstruction. "

A. Chertilov reported that every year in the framework of the course work, senior students create projects for the reconstruction of streets or neighborhoods, but always with the fragments of historical buildings. This year, the eight most interesting papers were presented at the National Science Festival at ISTU and are awarded.

A. Chertilov explained that each project is a serious scientific study, which includes a detailed survey of buildings, making a historical reference, urban planning and development of the general description of the concept.

"There is no sense to make abstract renovations, therefore, the real object is selected. Typically, students come from in order to save the maximum original wooden buildings in Irkutsk and dilute it with new solutions. This is a challenge even for professional designers. We have already covered the quarter № 104, № 109, № 36, № 46, the streets Khalturin, Nekrasov, etc. All the years of this practice, students completed over 100 projects of reconstruction ", A. Chertilov.

According to the teacher, the dignity of the majority of the work was to keep the density, structure, character and spirit of the historical environment considered streets and buildings. Thus, Anastasia Schelchkova’s project gives a balance of confident composition, going from a modern design, with the conservation of monuments.

"I worked with the objects on the Nekrasov street, which covers part of the quarter № 36, № 46 and № 32. It is noteworthy that in Soviet times the 32nd and 46th districts were combined side street Gusarov, then it cut off and now there is a children's rehabilitation center. In my design solution I offered to resume the side street”, says A. Shchelchkova. “It can be underground parking in a 32 quarter, and the 46th - a small public garden, which culminates in an architectural monument. In order not to lose the function of the children's center, we will port it to a vacant lot in the 36th quarter, which previously was the estate of the merchant Medvednikov. All public buildings have long been destroyed but there is no opportunity to rebuild or refurbish them. "

Student, Alena Bobrysheva, analyzed 104-quarter, which borders the streets Timiryazeva, Partizanskaya, Sophia-perovskaya and Karl Liebknecht.

"A large vacant lot appears in the central area of the city, on the perimeter of the 104-th quarter there is still partially preserved buildings. Therefore, we "cleaned out" quarter inside, because there are now dilapidated wooden buildings. After reviewing the situation, I came to the conclusion that the area needed a school. The school building could accommodate at most of the wasteland”, said A. Bobrysheva. “Also in the quarter, there is a concentration of companies providing funeral services, some of which you want to transfer. Such organizations allocated separate areas all over the world, not to hurt people psychologically, funeral services offered across from City Hospital, the street Timiryazev. In addition, on this site there are transportation problems. In this regard, we propose to arrange a transport interchange between the streets of Sofia Perovskaya, Engels and Karl Liebknecht. "

Irina Afanasyeva
Photo: Anastasia Slepneva