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3 December 2012
To university entrants

About a thousand students from the municipalities of Priangarie attended the Open Day at ISTU

The first in the current academic year Open day was held in ISTU on December 1. According to the estimates of the selection committee of the University, the event was attended by about a thousand high school students from 11 municipalities of the Irkutsk region during a day. Students from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Shelekhov Cheremkhovo Sayan, Ust-Orda, Balagansk, Elantsy, Novonukutsk, etc, come to learn about the features of training at Irkutsk State Technical University - one of the largest universities in Siberia and the Far East.

Guests were welcomed by pro-rector on academic and social work at ISTU, Boris Ponomarev. He told the children about the directions and specialties for which training is conducted at the university. Pro-rector also noticed the high demand for graduates at the largest enterprises in the region and the country.

The head of the Preparatory Department at ISTU, Svetlana Shvedina, presented an overview of Olympiads, winning in which allows admission to the best universities in Russia, including the Irkutsk Technical University on the non-competition base.

The representatives of the Center of cultural and educational work of the university - the folk ensemble "Kalina" and members of the rap club of ISTU - clearly showed to the future entrants that the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute not only provides an excellent education, but also contributes to the creative potential of students.

"ISTU has the largest level of budget places in the magistracy. After graduating the bachelor degree, our students have a chance to continue their studies at Master training programs, then - to attend postgraduate school”, says executive secretary of the Central selection committee of the University, Elena Mozhayeva. “Every student of ISTU is a member of a large group of high school, he was given the opportunity to practice science, art, sport. Everything is there for a bright, interesting life: the latest technology, the most advanced equipment, sports clubs and art groups. The opportunity for professional growth and development in all areas - that, I think the most important thing for a young person. "

In the framework of the Open day in the lobby of ISTU the information tables where everyone could get more information about the departments and institutes of the university are installed. Some students gathered "portfolio" in each direction in order to further choice of specialty, and someone came up with confidence to only one information desk, knowing that the summer 2013 he/she will bring the documents exactly to this or that faculty.

"I had already decided to attend to the Institute of aircraft machine engineering and transport at ISTU on specialty "Aircraft and Helicopter ", shares his plans the eleven form pupil of the Irkutsk school № 11, Kyril Lanskyh. “ISTU is one of the best universities in the country, and it's in my hometown. I plan to build a career at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant - the largest enterprises in the country. "

K. Lanskyh mother, Irina Nikolaevna, supports the son in his decision: "I think that studying in Irkutsk State Technical University, Kyril receives a quality education and all the opportunities for successful employment and further development."

"What is the passing score?", "What exams should I pass?", "How many budget places?" - These are the main questions, the answers to which students were looking at the institute directors and deans of ISTU. Meetings with potential wards were held by the heads of all educational departments of the university.

According to a student of a school in Sayansk, Dmitry Melnikov, it is very convenient that the event is held at the beginning of the school year: "Today, we have learned, what you should pay attention to in order to successfully pass the exams. And we still have time to pull up our knowledge. "

Pupils could ensure in research capabilities of ISTU, visiting the Technopark and university laboratories. Young University scientists showed the advances in laser physics, robotics, nanotechnology, energy and computer modeling to the guests. School children saw the most modern equipment, which helps carry out complex research. Specifically for high school students at the university there were organized "Professional test" - workshops, in which students had the opportunity to feel as a chemistry, energy, learn the welding job and even pottery.

"Never before I have had in my hands welding machine. It turns out that the welding process is very entertaining ", admitted student of the school № 1 of Ust-Orda Nadezjda Bashkirtseva. Deftly "burning" on a piece of iron smiley face, schoolgirl said that she plans to enter in the power department of ISTU, where her sister has been already studying. According to N. Bashkirtseva, her family has no doubt that the diploma of ISTU is a decent start to the career of a young professional.

As the head of the preparatory department of ISTU, Svetlana Shvedina, reported the next open day will be held in Irkutsk State Technical University on January 19. Everybody who wishes to become members of lectures and master classes "Professional samples at ISTU" should send a request by e-mail dovuzcentr@istu.edu or call (3952) 40-50-88. The list of lectures and workshops can be found here.

Julia Barahtenko,
Photo: Anastasia Slepneva