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3 December 2012

ISTU collaborator, Andrey Savilov, will participate in a seminar of the firm Sandvik in Orleans (France)

Scientific director of the laboratory "High technology of machining, forming and strengthening of machine details" at ISTU, Andrey Savilov, takes part in a seminar organized by Sandvik Coromant in Orleans (France). The workshop also invites experts from leading companies of aero-cosmic industry in Russia – Ltd. "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company", ZAO "Aviastar-SP" (Ulyanovsk), etc.

According to A. Savilov, on December 11-15 there will be presented the latest achievements of the company Sandvik on the base of the European center of competence in the aerospace industry. Employees of the company will demonstrate the working of various aircraft materials (aluminum, titanium, high-temperature fame resistant composites) on new equipment.

“Because of one of the main specialty of ISTU on research, development and engineering works (NIOKTR) concerns the aerospace industry, it is important for me to witness the innovative solutions of Sandvik, which are not yet presented on the market. The interest is also presented by the organizational and technical solutions of European center: planning laboratories, used processing equipment and measuring instruments, operation tool, especially for air and electricity for machining. Workshop participants will not only see how the processing of materials works in the machine, but they will also take part in the process. In particular, I asked our foreign colleagues to show solutions for the equipment, which is used to measure the temperature in the cutting of materials ", A. Savilov.

The cooperation with the firm Sandvik and ISTU started in 2002, when the Irkutsk Aviation Plant chose this company as a leading provider of tools. The tripartite workshop, where speakers from companies, scientists and staff of ISTU presented the aircraft factory, was organized on the basis of the aircraft factory. The seminar ended with a demonstration of the new shops of the plant material handling solutions. Then the firm Sandvik gave free technical literature to ISTU. These were the books in Russian for high machining materials, manuals. College also received rudimentary tools - lathes holder and removable plates to them. "Thus the firm Sandvik said: work, study, since we are interested in the graduates who come to the aircraft factory and other engineering companies will be familiar with the tools and our solutions in machining. An important stage in the development of cooperation was the emergence of the modern machine DMC635V produced by DMG, which was given to ISTU by Irkutsk aircraft factory. Thanks to this university has concluded the first agreement with Sandvik running for the company NIOKTR. In 2008, we were invited at the first time to a seminar on high-performance machining in the aerospace industry in the research center of the company, which is located in Sandviken (Sweden) ", said A. Savilov.

At present, cooperation of ISTU and Sandvik has reached a higher level - the University has attracted the company to implement the project to build passenger aircraft MC-21. This project was implemented in 2010-2012 by the Institute aircraft machine engineering and transport at ISTU jointly with Irkutsk aviation plant - branch of Ltd. "Scientific and Production Corporation" Irkut ". ISTU employees worked on the creation of the complex of high technology manufacturing of MC-21. In November, representatives of the of Sandvik showed successful results in agreement with the ISTU project MC -21 in handling holes in the so-called mixed packets consisting of different materials (titanium composite - a composite).

Next year it is planned foreign training for young employees of ISTU working in the laboratory of "High technology machining, forming and strengthening of machine details." "These contacts are very useful. Different countries have established their own schools in different areas of machining engineering. When the postgraduate gave enough experience and return to ISTU, we will get access to a broad knowledge ", said A. Savilov.