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11 October 2012
International INRTU

Baikal Winter Urban University claims to the European standard workshops Les Ateliers

The members of the Board of Trustees of the International Urban Planning Baikal Winter University, which is a unique project at NI ISTU in the field of urbanism, discussed the topic of the 14th session. At the session of the government of Priangarie the members suggested the options for project sites.

“The population is growing, and create a comfortable environment ; it's not just to build houses worthy of our time, but in general, to form an environment in which there is lace for squares, parks, recreation areas with a set of specific services”, said the deputy regional government Nikolay Hitsenko. “In practice, if the area is developed, in this process the main role for the commercial component provides to more square feet of living space with less urban. Our aim is to develop a city-planning strategy, using international experience. You must have a completely different approach to the planning of a growing city”.

To remind the theme of the forthcoming session is “Modernization of the urban environment. Formation of public recreational areas in the city”. IUPBWU director, Alexander Kozak, explained that within three weeks, the participants should develop a typology of public spaces of all sizes (fr om the yard to the main square), the different “capacity” (fr om a few people to a few tens of thousands) of different functions. You also need to take into account the climatic features and cost savings.

“We need to develop the rules of the various types of public spaces in a single system, taking into account the peculiarities of the urban structure of Irkutsk, the direction of the existing pedestrian flows, specific habitation by Russians and houses adjoining outdoor areas”, said A. Kozak.

This year, the organizers plan to bring the level up to the European standard of Session Summer Workshops University Urbanism «Les Ateliers» (Cergy-Pontoise, France). International and domestic high-level experts, and masters of urban design come specifically to the beginning of the Winter University and Urban Development of Paris and St. Petersburg; they are invited to the particaption.

The choice of session’s topicality is supported by the leading expert of Ltd. “Irkutskgiprodornii”, Nikolai Smirnov. He says that the increased public recreational spaces will promote a positive image of the capital of Priangariea.

“When such space as a historical quarter 130 or Lower Quay appear, they become popular among residents and attract tourists. All this contributes to a positive image of Irkutsk”, said N. Smirnov. “Watching the work of the team for many sessions, I was always fascinated by the rigorous methodology of young engineers of the Stuttgart University of Transport, which starts with a point on the globe, and gradually increasing the scale, reach the solution of transport problems to the bus stop. This method of “go from the general to the particular” is peculiar for a western education. In the next session, we should take it as a basis - to go from the general problems of the city, the system of public and recreational spaces to focusing on the specific areas”.

According to the chairman of the Board of Directors of Ltd. “Angarskcement”, Irkutsk Duma’s deputy, Oleg Geevskiy , the regional center will receive tangible benefits, if the analysis of young professionals offer not only the central area but the peripheral part of the city.

“At present, there is no concept of public space in actively growing New Leninskiy district of Irkutsk . There are other areas wh ere there is need to predict the data space, for example, in the Sverdlovsk region, wh ere there is the Academic Bridge and the Ice Palace will be running. Thus, each team of contestants can take to assess the center and one of the peripheral regions, given the kind of logistics between sites. Only in this case we get a competitive approach and conceptual proposal”, said Oleg Geevskiy.

The principle of creative sessions of IUPBWU at NI ISTU based on the experience of the Summer Workshops of Urban Development, the European University of Cergy-Pontoise (France). In the design of innovative educational programs IUPBWU have participants from 42 universities from 21 countries - about a thousand of young professionals, experts, members of the international jury.

Irina Afanasyeva