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Erasmus+ ESSENCE Project


Program: Erasmus + / Key Action 2 / Capacity building in the field of higher education 


Project reference: 586087-EPP-1-2017-1-LV-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

EU Grant: 856328 EUR

Project dates: October 15, 2017 - October 14, 2020

Project web-site: http://essence-erasmus.org/



     Riga Technical University (Latvia)


     Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (France)

     Technical University of Košice (Slovakia) 

     Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)

     Irkutsk National Research Technical University (Russia)

     Ural Federal University (Russia)

     Kazan State Power Engineering University (Russia)

     North-Eastern Federal University (Russia)

     Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (Vietnam)

     Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (Vietnam)

Project summary:

Current priority of world energy industry is designing of Smart Energy Systems (SES) which contributes to deployment of an interdisciplinary approach integrating achievements of energy technologies and IT. Along with the technologies development, energy sector requires specialists able to meet the challenges and capable to conceive, develop and implement innovative solutions under diverse conditions. 

In order to satisfy the needs of Russian and Vietnamese energy sectors in engineers of new format, the project ESSENCE “Establishing smart energy system curriculum in Russian and Vietnamese universities” will be realised by the consortium consisting of 3 EU, 5 RU and 2 VN universities aimed at modernisation of existing master degree programmes in the field of electrical engineering in a way to meet the requirements and expectations of main stakeholders of the programme, in accordance with Bologna requirements and European Qualification Framework and in close cooperation with industry. 

The project will achieve the following results: 

  • modernised degree programmes will be implemented at RU and VN universities, peer-reviewed teaching and learning materials including guide on industry involvement in 3 languages (EN, RU and VN) will be developed and uploaded to project web-site for free use; 

  • partner university teachers, representatives of RU and VN HEIs will be trained in advanced teaching methodologies; 

  • partner university teachers will enhance their skills in curriculum development and subject area;

  • contacts with industrial enterprises in RU and VN will be established for their deeper involvement into educational process and enhanced job placement of programme graduates; 

  • agreements on academic mobility between CM will be signed. 

The project will benefit multiple target groups on different levels during the project life-time and beyond: current and prospective students, staff of participating universities, higher educational society, and industry.

Realization of the project at INRTU:
ESSENCE project has been launched at INRTU at the end of 2017 when the coordinator Riga Technical University has signed the grant agreement on project realization with funding organization Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency. The project will be implemented at the Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering where the modernized master program will be delivered and International Office of the University whose staff has a broad experience of particpation in international programs. Key project contact persons at INRTU are: 
         Suslov Konstantin, research supervisor (dr.souslov(at)yandex.ru)  
         Smirnov Vladimir, research co-supervisor (vvsmirnov(at)istu.edu)  
         Panko Varvara, administrative supervisor (panko.varvara(at)istu.edu) 
As ESSENCE consortium partner, INRTU takes an active part in all project acitivites necessary to achieve the project results and also is a leader of the work package 6 "Dissemination and exploitation of project results".

Project results:
  • INRTU representatives took part in ESSENCE kick-off meeting held in Kazan in February 2018;
  • Based on results of self-assessment and evaluation visit of experts from Riga Technical University, the final report on current situation at INRTU was produced describing in what extent the existing learning and teaching facilities and environment are suitable for implementation of new/modernized courses; what equipment is available and could be used for the modernized courses; the readiness of staff/students; the compliance of curricula structure and teaching methodology with EU standards and requirements;
  • With the aim to identify what to teach to train specialists meeting European requirements and industry expectations, the main stakeholders of SES modernized curriculum (employers, students, and teachers) were surveyed. All in all more than 1500 people filled in the questionnaires including 47 students and 20 academic staff from INRTU and 69 representatives of University partner industrial enterprises. Grenoble INP analyzed the surveys and formed an extended list of courses and a list of learning outcomes for future master programs.  
  • In order to form the final list of courses for SES core curriculum, a three-day workshop was organized at Grenoble INP. INRTU representatives took an active part in the meeting. At the workshop partners have selected 10 courses which in their common opinion form the core curriculum and distributed them among Russian and Vietnamese partner universities for development. INRTU develops the course "Digital Technologies for protection and communication" under the supervision of Grenoble INP and TUKE.         
  • In April 23-27, 2018 project research supervisor Suslov Konstantin and project team member, course developer Shushpanov Ilia took part in the training session on course development at Grenoble INP. On their arrival, they shared the acquired experience with their colleagues at Power Engineering Institute.    
  • In the period from April 10 and June 20, 2018, associate professor of the Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering Shushpanov Ilia and project research supervisor Suslov Konstantin have been developing the syllabus for the course "Digital technologies for protection and communication". The first draft version of the syllabus was developed during their training at Grenoble INP. Then, the syllabus was peer-reviewed by experts from European and Vietnamese partner universities as well as by the representative of the industrial enterprise. Based on experts' notes and suggestions, the final version of the syllabus was elaborated.   
  • Research supervisor of the project at INRTU organized peer-review of the syllabi and teaching materials for the courses "Economics for smart energy systems") and "Technologies of energy conversion in smart energy systems". Peer-reviewers have become specialists from the Institute of Power Engineering and the staff of Siemens company.  
  • As a leader of the work package 6 "Dissemination and exploitation of project results", INRTU coordinates the activity of project partners aimed at raising awareness about the project and disseminating the project results. Within the framework of WP6 realization, all necessary procedures were performed to select a company and sign a contract to develop the project logo and project web-site. ESSENCE web-site was launched at the end of May 2018. 
  • To inform partners as well as other stakeholders about the project realization and achieved results, INRTU as a WP6 leader publishes the project Newsletter every six months by information support of all ESSENCE partners. Issues 1-4 are available. It is possiblу to subscribe for the newsletter. 
  • In September 12-14, 2018 INRTU academic and administrative supervisors took part in the ad hoc partner meeting hosted by Tomsk Polytechnic University.  
  • In the period from October till December 2018 information sessions for INRTU staff and industrial partners with over 100 participants were organized to inform them about the ESSENCE project. 
  • From November 2018 till December 2019 Konstantin Suslov, professor of the Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering and Ilia Shushpanov, associate professor were developing the teaching materials for the course "Digital technologies for protection and communication". All materials have been peer-reviewed by EU and VN colleagues and approved with minor comments. 
  • In November 2018 academic supervisor of the project at INRTU Konstantin Suslov initiated and performed the administrative procedures enabling the launch of the new master program in SES. All necessary steps were completed in time and in September 2019 15 students were enrolled to a new master degree program "Digital power engineering". To recruit the students, an information sessionwebinar were organized, promo video was produced.   
  • On March 18-20, 2019 scientific and administrative supervisors of the project took part in the partner meeting and training on the advanced teaching techniques that took place at ESSENCE project coordinator, Riga Technical University (Latvia).    
  • To support the realization of the new master degree program, laboratory equipment worth over 1 300 000 RUB was purchased.