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"We are living in historic times. Which cases will be written into the history of its majesty: as noble heirs and disciples, or as people who squander the tradition of the fathers in all spheres of life. Each should be thankful follower and disciple, a creator. Each in his place should realize the importance of his work, bearing in mind that the small labor does not exist. "

S.B.Leonov, 1998.
(1931-1999г.) 1931- 1999). Doctor of technics, professor, member of RAS, ISTU Rector.

The campus today is a complex of buildings with highly developed infrastructure: 17 dormitories, combine of students’ alimentation, stores, drug stores, cafes, sports facilities (sports fields next to each dorm, two sports complexes of Irkutsk Technical University, 2 stadiums) and the Parish of St. Sergius of Radonezh (which is the center of spiritual, moral education in the management of a campus).

Management of this large unit controls the campus, founded in 2003.

Viktor Alexeevich

Is the head of the “Management” from the first year of its establishment. He is responsible for the direct supervision of operations and operating dormitories for welfare of residents, landscaping, administrative matters and the maintenance of public order.

His deputies help him in this difficult :

Victor Gennadievich

Deputy Head of Safety of the campus (all the issues on protection in the dorms and in the campus).

Natalia Petrovna

Deputy Head of the campus on general issues (administrative - economic issues in the dorms)


Deputy Head of the campus for educational work (educational, cultural, and sports work with students of the campus).

The work is actively leading in the campus of prevention and preventing of negative social phenomena by Marchukova Svetlana Fedorovna, campus psychologist. During the year, she provides psychological support and assistance to students. There are training courses with student dormitories and campus assets. Psychologist is often present on educational committees to work on the psychological portrait of the students, which greatly simplifies and enhances the educational commissions.
370 people, mostly women, employs in the state of the campus. Currently about 4 thousand students from all institutions and faculties of our university are homed in the campus.
In addition to Russian students there are around 900 foreign students (from Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Congo, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Tuva) in the dorms.
The hostels have created the optimal conditions for the students live. In each of them there is a gym, a study room, a recreation room. The development of the student government is active.

Inna Andreyevna

Student Council is headed by student of gr. ЖУР-10 (IIISGN). Activists of the campus work in many sectors - the "Sanitary Triple "," Information sector "," Redaction board "," Cultural - mass "," Sport sector. "During the year, the student council with the support of a stud. town hosts over 20 events (more than 150 in hostels). The boys are actively involved in regional and city events and competitions "The best hostel", "The health of a week", "Healthy autumn", "Patriot", "Studzima-2012", "Ice Show", "Earth Hour", etc.

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