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22 January 2014
Press service

NI ISTU Press Service is winner of the All-Russian contest “Press Service of the University - 2013”

Press Service of Irkutsk Technical University won the All-Russian contest "Press Service of the University - 2013" in nomination "Prof" and took second place in the category "Recognition". Competition organized by the information-analytical journal "Accreditation in Education", combined 181 participants from nearly 70 regions of Russia. According to the organizers, the winners were educational institutions, the press services of which showed professionalism in the creation of public information platforms on the basis of high-level websites.

"Competition Commission assessed the materials from newswires of official websites of universities participating in five categories: "Infoaktivnost’", "Prof", "Good news", "Recognition", "Expert of the Year". Commission chose 10 leaders out of 181 contestants in each category; some universities have been in several top sheets at the same time. When summarizing the results such criteria such as professionalism, uniqueness and frequency of publications on the website of the university, the depth of the topics covered, positive attitude, presence of analytical publications and a number of others were taken into account," said in news release of a journal "Accreditation in Education".

In the framework of the competition "Press service of the University - 2013" nomination "Prof", which was won by Irkutsk State Technical University, deserves special attention. The best in this category were chosen by certain criteria: genre and style variety, depth of disclosure topics, compliance with rules and regulations of the Russian language, the use of photo reports from the scene.

Head of Press Service at Irkutsk Technical University Nadezhda Kurganskaya notes that the application of consent to participate in the contest was filed in April 2013, "The press service’s programmer Viktor Nalunin adapted RSS to the conditions of the competition. The members of the expert committee automatically received our latest news. Work of the press services of all Russian universities was evaluated by independent experts within nine months. I think that for such a long period of time, it can get a complete picture of university life and the work of the service, which makes almost every event as a big news every day.

I want to thank you for the creative, often diligent work of the whole team of press service - journalists Elena Erina, Natal’ya Rozova, Irina Afanas’eva, photographer Alexander Bogachev, technicians - without whom website cannot work - Viktor Nalunin and Natal’ya Safaryan. Victory in the competition has once again confirmed that each of them "prof" in his/her field, qualified professional.

I believe that the "ace" of the press service is our ability to talk about the most difficult things - research, innovative developments of ISTU scientists in popular and interesting way. Therefore, our materials are in great demand among journalists of regional and federal media. For information: daily attendance of ISTU website is over 2500 - 3000 people. The figure is almost 70 thousand people a month. During 2013 Yandex issued over 11 thousand references in the media about the activities of Irkutsk Technical University. For comparison: before the advent of the press-service in 2011, it was about two thousand references."

As the winner of the All-Russian competition, Irkutsk Technical University will receive a certificate and the opportunity to talk about this or that sphere of the university in the journal "Accreditation in Education" and will be awarded premium tablet.

In addition to Irkutsk Technical University, winners of the Russian contest "Press Service of the University - 2013" are Tyumen State University ("Info activity"), Far Eastern Federal University ("Good news"), National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University ("Recognition"), Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov ("Expert of the Year").

According to the press secretary of the publishing house "Accreditation in Education" Konstantin Myagchilov, the competition committee had difficulties to choose winners: "We believe that such competitions are really important because they pay attention to the state of journalism in general and serve as an additional motivation for the development of the press services in universities. This contest is a professional and it makes to strive to be better."

Editorial Board "Accreditation in Education" sincere thanks to all the participants for the activity and interest in the project. According to the editorial director Ekaterina Shigapova, cooperation with the press services of universities does not end with the completion of the contest. "I think that our joint work on the organization of a common information space of university community has just begun. It has allowed us and our colleagues to reach an entirely new level of awareness. Nowadays we can always keep abreast of developments in the field of higher education, respond quickly and solve organizational issues, communicate, share news, share experiences and help each other."

The winners of the All-Russian contest "Press Service of the University - 2013" http://www.akvobr.ru/itogi_konkursa_presssluzhb_2013.html

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