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28 June 2013
To university entrants

More than 100 students of Priangarie and Trans-Baikal region have completed training in the Summer Olympiad school of ISTU

May 27 NI ISTU summed up the results of the Summer Olympiad School, organized within the framework of the university program for gifted and talented guys. Within ten days students from different municipalities of the Irkutsk region and the Trans-Baikal region were engaged in in-depth study of mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry. Diplomas and thanks for participating in the Contest's schools were received by 104 students.

A secretary of the central university admission committee, Elena Mozhaeva, performed with a supporting word to future applicants. She advised to the students to track the appearance of promising new areas and specialties in universities, as well as to make a responsible approach to the choice of subjects to participate in the state exams.

"I hope that the knowledge that you have gained in our university will not pass to you for free. They are especially useful when you pass the exams”, said E. Mozhaeva. “First of all, you need to determine the subjects for state exams. For example, this year almost 10 thousand graduates passed social studies, although there were allocated 800 budget places with this exam in the Irkutsk region. While only in our university suggest about two thousand nudget places with physics, the region - more than four thousand. "

Summer School traditionally invites students on the basis of participation in the Olympiades who have completed 9, 10 grade and wanting to get more in-depth training. Every year the number of students grows, the geography of the participants is broden. According to the head of the preparatory department at ISTU, Svetlana Shvedina, most of the guys have shown excellent results and genuine desire for knowledge during the course.

"It is safe to say that the Summer School was successful. If in the past it was peacefully and steadily, this year it was very active, emotionally rich and diverse. There were lectures and workshops, psychological workshops on public speaking, on the culture of speech, rhetoric. We are constantly visited excursions, were daily involved into a rich program of leisure activities. We visited experimentariums and planetariums. Guys communicated with musicians of the studio of ethnic percussion "Etnobit" with great pleasure”, - said S. Shvedina.

S. Shvedina reported that students attended 16 popular science lectures on conservation laws in physics, the current state of nanotechnology, quantum physics, etc. The specialists of ISTU gave practical sessions on methods of research and design activities.

Ninth grader from Lyceum № 1 in Angarsk, Mikhail Bondarev, recognizes that each year he tries to participate in various competitions. Over the years of training, he managed to successfully prove himself in intellectual contests in physics, chemistry, mathematics, Russian language, and he took the prize place last year at the contest of the regional level for life safety, "I am not sorry that spent here a few days of school holidays. I am especially grateful to the teachers who are always ready to answer any questions. Here I found many new friends. It is even a little bit sad that it ends. "

Ninth grade student of the Lyceum № 2 in Irkutsk, Nikita Krasnoyarov, notices the good organization of the school. In his words every day was built correctly and clearly: the ratio of practical training and theory. But it's especially memorable trip to ISTU Technopark.

"We studied X-ray diffraction - grating elements, the structure of DNA in one of the labs”, says N. Krasnoyarov. “Experiments with an electron microscope were held in Technopark in a meter away from us. On this instrument, we were able to see an increase of the object to atomic particles. X-ray analysis was also performed. "

Maria Bardakova studies in the 10th grade in the Lyceum of Cheremkhovo. She has not yet determined with the choice of a future profession, the areas of her interest are medicine and food industry.

"Education here opens up many opportunities for self-realization. I think that the course will help me in the future to win in competitions”, said M. Bardakova. Here I was trained in "Chemistry". We have very few experiments at our school, in class. Therefore, it was especially exciting to watch and even participate in numerous experiments in the laboratories of the subdepartment of Chemical Engineering."

S. Shvedina stressed that the biggest advantage of the Summer School is that the guys get in-depth knowledge and learn new techniques for solving complex tasks that will help them in participation in competitions at various levels. Victory in them is an opportunity to enter almost any institution of the country (for the winners of the All-Russian Olympiads).

Irina Afanas’eva
Photo: Anastasya Slepneva