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18 June 2013
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ISTU student, Valeriya Kol’gan, suggests constructing a concert-hall with observation wheel in Irkutsk

The architectural project of the concert hall with 800 seats and with a observation wheel and a sightseeing platform of NI ISTU fifth-year student, Valeriya Kol’gan, became the best student work at the XIII International Festival "Architecture of the Eastern Siberia - 2013". The event took place in Priangarie in the beginning of June. V. Kol’gan won twice the competition. In 2012, her project of residential complex for 3 thousand people was also awarded with high recognition.

According to the author, a concert hall should be located in the campus of the Technical University. According to V. Kol’gan, this is the place where the panorama of the historical center of Irkutsk is. In addition, this area will connect the quay and continue it to the train station.

"In the framework of the course work we faced with a specific task: to create a project of the theater or concert hall. We have already carried out the reconstruction of the territory of the campus before, so I had time to familiarize myself with the place and presented a local solution”, says the student. “The idea of the observation wheel came right away, but I did not expect it to be so advantageous. I think this form of interaction of attraction and the building is justified. I know that such things exist, for example, in Finland. "

Externally, the building is pretty simple: it is rectangular in shape. According to the project, the observation wheel (height of 150 meters), equipped with glazed viewing platform is adjacent to the hall. At the same time it can use small trailers elevators to move on any of the sight points to admire the scenic views. In addition to well-defined form, the student is making an unusual design elements - external decoration of the hall is in the form of scales. 

V. Kol’gan notices that the project complies with building regulations imposed to this type of buildings. In particular, the young architect has taken into account the location of wardrobes, the amount of make-up rooms, the distance between the toilet facilities, etc.

"In my opinion, the project of the concert hall is very important to Irkutsk. Now a lot of attention is paid to urban policy. The new concert hall can successfully fit into the structure of the architectural space. In addition, our city has not observation wheel. Thus, the concert hall solves this problem, " adds V. Kol’gan.

According to the jury of the festival "Architecture of the Eastern Siberia - 2013", the professionals found out in this work the references to the architecture of one of the most prominent Latin American artists of the XX century Oscar Niemeyer, whose projects are distinguished by flexibility, expressiveness and warmth.

V. Kol’gan admits that before start working on the next project she is looking for unusual images and forms on the Internet, and then stores them in a separate folder called "Inspiration".

"I was attracted by the famous architect from St. Petersburg, Vladimir Pavlov. In 60s he designed many buildings in Irkutsk. The "house-boat" in the neighborhood Solnechny, home with the "banks" in the neighborhood Baikalsky, a house on Prospect Zhukov are made in his characteristic style called neobrutalism. It is surprising that he was trying to bring something new in the model development, diversify it for more than 40 years ago, " said V. Kol’gan.

A student told that before start her study on the architectural faculty of ISTU, she was preparing to tie her professional work with physics in another university, "Architecture - it's a cross between the technical direction and creativity. Once I realized that I do not want to be a physicist. It was a feeling that in this profession I could be just ordinary skill specialist, but I have the opportunity to express myself fully in the architecture. Also, I like that it is necessary to demonstrate clearly the result of the work. "

Currently V. Kol’gan works as a technician-architect in Ltd. "Irkutskgrazhdanproekt" and is preparing to undergo practical training in one of the project organizations in St. Petersburg. She also thinks about the future thesis project, which she will defend next year. Among the possible choices – the study of bicycle infrastructure in the capital of Priangarie.

Irina Afanas’eva