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5 June 2013

Young scientists of ISTU join forces with colleagues from the universities and institutes of Irkutsk ISC SB RAS

The cooperation agreement was signed by the representatives of the Council of Young Scientists at ISTU and the Joint Council of young scientists of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of SB RAS. A similar document was also signed with the Irkutsk regional branch of the Russian Union of Young Scientists.

According to the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists at ISTU, Associate Professor of the subdepartmnet of Management and Logistics in the transport of the Technical University, Maxim Sharov, the main purpose of interaction is the joint solution of actual problems of young scientists in the region, both in the scientific and in the social sphere.

"Within the framework of the signed agreements, we plan to establish and expand research and educational links between young scientists of Irkutsk universities and institutes of the SB Russian Academy of Sciences”, says Sharov. In particular, we plan to organize various conferences and scientific events, support each other in the socio-economic programs, aimed at the solution of housing and other "domestic" problems. In addition, there may be individual creative contacts between scientists in the perspective fields of activity for each institution. "

Joint work in the direction of internships, field research, the preparation of scientific papers, the creation and development of scientific and educational centers, laboratories, research associations and student design bureaus are foreseen in the framework of the joint project.

According to M. Sharov, a great first step of the cooperation will be the creation of an open letter to the governor of the Irkutsk region with a proposal on cooperation in solving the problems of young scientists in the region. It is expected that the document will be prepared within the round table, which will be attended by the representatives of all the councils of young scientists of Priangarie. The event is scheduled in September.

In addition, Irkutsk will hold for the first time the congress of young scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in October. The representatives of the Council of Young Scientists of Irkutsk universities will participate in the congress.

M. Sharov stresses that the integration of efforts of young scientists from Irkutsk will not only contribute to a more efficient solution of practically important problems of modern science, but also the issues aimed at improving the conditions of life, work and leisure activities of young scientists of Priangarie.

It was previously reported that the Council of Young Scientists was established in the spring of 2013 in ISTU. Chairman of the organization is associate professor of the subdepartmnet of management in and logistics the transport, Maxim Sharov, Deputy Chairman - Head of the department of organization of the research activities of young scientists and students of the university, Marina Bulgakova, the Secretary of the Board - Deputy Head of the department of Science activities at ISTU, Pavel Petrov. The presidium consists of representatives of all the institutions and faculties of the university: professors and the number of doctors under the age of 40 years, actively expressing themselves in academic and social life. First of all the activities of the Council of Young Scientists of the Technical University are aimed to represent the interests of young scientists of ISTU, including social ones at various levels, ranging from administration of the university. The objectives of the organization include the monitoring and informing of young scientists about various social programs, researches, competitions, grants, and other similar events held by Russian and foreign organizations.

Juliya Barakhtenko